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Did anyone else apply for the BADNAP program starting in June 2013? The requirements were loosened up a couple of weeks before the deadline, so I'm wondering how much interest there was?... Read More

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    Alternate 10. I knew it was a long shot, since I'm not done with prereqs. Congratulations to those of you who got in!
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    I'm debating on if I want to choose Baptist as my first preference or Deaconess. I plan on working part time. I work 12 hr shifts now at a hospital so I think I'll go down to two 12hr shifts a week, only on the weekend since it seems we'll be busy during the week.
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    Adb I feel for you, but I'm also holding out hope. I'm sure there will be some quitters... Just not me.
    I'm not planning on working; I'll let my gi bill and drill pay get me by. I know I'll pick southwest. Did an er clinical there for emt and loved everyone there. Great experience.
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    Adb! Im sorry....it took me 11 years to get in (sad to admit) so dont give up! Im holding out hope also....I have read several things about people dropping after orientation and I know someone who got a call the Friday before thr program started! Just make sure you have your stuff lines out just in case! After you get your pre's done,you will get in no problem!
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    I have worked at both baptist and deaconess er and love them both. I am currently still working at one of the deaconess physician clinics and hoping to go part time.
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    I am happy for everyone who got in this time around. I am also hopeful for everyone who made the wait list.. I am sure people will be dropping out for some reason or another.. So I have my fingers crossed for you guys! I haven't filled out my clinical site preference sheet yet, but my first will probably be Southwest... (it is close to home) and I have heard that it is a really good site for experience. . Let's get this party started!!! (In June)
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    Has anyone figured out the correct CPR class to take? Our packet says the American Heart Association CPR course for health professionals, but it doesn't look like that exists! Let me know if you guys find anything.
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    Hi Alex! Are you new? if so congrats on getting in! I believe the class we need is BLS for healthcare workers?? Could be wrong though!

    Can we turn or clinical preference sheet in independently of the rest of our pack?
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    Yes I am new!! Thanks and congrats to you!

    I just turned in my sheet separate today to the office.
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    Well welcome! im excited and SOOO nervous. I think we r going to try to get a group together before class starts to go have drinks, you should join us!

    Did they happen to tell you for sure which CPR?
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    @ OKstategirl, I talked to the people at the HP office today and they said that OCCC offers a CPR class in the recreation center all the time. She said that class was sufficient for their program. I'm still lacking two recent TB tests and the CPR class. I'll have those done soon. Looks like we have Class all day Wednesday, and then Thursday and Friday we have clinicals. Yay.. lol. I also found out that unless you turn in your COMPLETE application, turning in the clinical site preference form early won't do you any good. So I've gotta get on that! I hope everyone can get their ducks in a row by then! Good luck!! BTW, anyone have any ideas on when and where we could all meet up for a drink or two? Just for fun!!!
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    Sorry, I just saw this! Thanks for the info. Ive gotta get my last varicella vacc and im trying to get things lined out with financial aid. Anyone else having trouble with them? This is the first time ive ever had to do financial aid..and well id rather someone punch me, ridiculous!!

    Drinks......well there's always louies bar and grill, hudsons, cross eyes moose, or any restaurant!
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    its great to start a private badnap page on fb & u guys can start connecting before it starts & then after its great for sharing notes & helping each other
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