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  1. I'm hoping ya'll could help. I need advice. I'm looking for imput from experienced nursing students.

    I have a A.S. and B.S in Business Administration, then I realized my dream is to be a nurse. I'm currently finishing my last pre-reqs to get into the OSU-OKC Nursing program. I've read MANY posts and they don't really apply to me.

    My issue is that I'm concerned about not being accepted or put on a waiting list (if they do that). I'm applying for Fall 2011. My GPA went down when I decided to go back to school from a 3.75 to a 3.36. I'm working on getting that back up this semester. I've taken A/P I (OCCC), Micro, Chem (Rose State). And I am taking A/P II (OCCC), Nutrition and Sociology (OSU-OKC) now. I will be taking the HESI 2 test as soon as financial aid comes thru.

    So my questions, if you can help-- Do they determine the GPA by when the application is submitted or after the current semester is over?

    What is the likelyhood I will be accepted?
    I don't have a backup plan, which is why I'm aksing... I don't have another choice but to attend a University because of my already having degrees (financial aid). And the other avenues are rediculously expensive or will take years for me to get close to applying anywhere else.

    I left my job in August 2010 to come back to school and with 2 people and minimum income, it's not feasible for me to keep going if I'm not going to get anywhere. The ideal would to be done May 2012. I've talked to many people and one told me that even if I get in, it's a full 2 yr program even with the pre-reqs done. Others make it sound like it's harder to get into nursing school than it is to get into Harvard Law.

    Do you know when the acceptance/rejection letters go out for the Fall semester?

    What do you think? I've been working on this non-stop since before I left my job, and I've just become overwhelmed and quite frankly, discouraged. I don't have previous medical experience. I was a licensed pharmacy tech, but that has since expired.

    What are your thoughts/advice?
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    Haha...what? Do I sense a negative outlook? You won't make it into nursing school if you're that easily discouraged. It's not harder to get into than Harvard law. It just takes a little patience and determination. If you want it bad enough, you'll find a way to get it and the instructors there really WANT you to succeed which helps. It's not a race...if it takes you another year to get in, then so what? I've been where you are (only I was slightly more positive than you are sounding right now). I've got another 3 semesters until I graduate which sounds like a lot but I know it's going to be in the blink of an eye. Have you talked to the nursing advisor? This spring's class had a cutoff of 91 points (last I heard). I think it was 93 originally but some people declined the offer and so the point requirement was lowered. The advisor can tell you everything about how the point system works.
  5. by   Babyreef
    Hey None,

    I know this is a little late but I applied for the fall semester at OSU-OKC also. I took the HESI yesterday and it was super's VERY VERY general info so don't stress about it at all. I was so worried....scored 100 on the math and A+P and 96 on all other sections. I think people on here were trying to scare each other. Let me know if you have any questions about the test if you haven't already taken it. When I gave them my score printout they said that the acceptance letters will be sent out in 6-8 weeks.

    Also, the program is 2 full years (well technically 1 year and 9 months) but I think it's one of the best in the State. I think they take your GPA from when you apply but it's based on a points system. From what I can gather from your post you'd have 20 points (for your GPA) and I'm assuming you took History and English Etc for your other degrees? Assuming you did, plus all the other courses that go towards your degree you listed gives you another 37 points. Add 14 for science courses completed (I know, they count them twice) Add 2 more for the 2 courses you're taking AT osu-okc now and you already have 73.

    Add to that whatever score you get on the HESI (as I mentioned it's super easy....especially if you're taking all those courses right now) 95-100=30 points 90-94.9=25 points 85-89.9=20 80-84.9=15

    From what I've been told the highest cut off they've had was as long as you get above that you should be golden. So basically you just have to score above 85 on the Hesi. You'll do great. Good luck!!! Hope to see you in the Fall class.

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    This message is for Babyreef,
    How You gave alot of great info regarding the cutoff score and the HESI test. I'm getting ready to take the test for the first time next Tuesday, Sep 27, '11. I have the majority of my pre reqs/ gen ed classes completed, but am currently enrolled in sociology, chemistry, history and human nutrition, so I know.that those unfortunately will.not.count for points(I'm applying next week for spring 2012 semester). Bc of my lack of major points, if I want a chance at all to be accepted, I need to strive to make a 95-100 on the HESI exam. I'm super nervous about it, especially since there is chemistry included and I'm only several weeks into that class right now during fall semester. Do you have any further advice or study hints that could guide me a little further on what all to really focus on I've heard several different opinions from different people and they were completely different! Thanks so much in advance if you can help have a great week!
  7. by   ballen3118
    I just applied for the spring 12 nursing program at osu-okc. the deadline is this monday to do so...does anyone know what the last points cutoff was. From what I have read it keeps getting higher and higher every semester. i think i have a grand total of 91 pts, hopefully thats enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have applied to the spring '12 semester as well. Anxiously awaiting a letter. How are you guys (ansleyanne & ballen3118) doing with the waiting part?? This wait is starting to get to me! Good luck to you guys!
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    good luck you guys. I was accepted into the 1+1 program thru osu. right now im having so health issues so may have to rethink my plan and go back to applying at osu. i will tell you i applied 3 times before accepted. dont beat yourself over it. if i take the hesi again and score higher i would be great on getting in. If it was me and as i am in a nursing program right now{lpn} I would say get all your pre reqs. out of the way, which includes all sciences. i have all that one but had to add medical term to my lpn program cause they require it so im now is 3 courses plus that one and when they teach the material two to three weeks before and your in 12 hour clinicals it does become hard. this is just my 2 cents. but it is fun and worth it, also would say try to not work during school if you can. i dont have a choice and its hard to focus.
  10. by   ballen3118
    Yeah, the waiting is hard. Especially when Im right on the cusp of the cutoff from last semesters nursing program! Does anyone know around when the acceptance letters will start getting mailed?
  11. by   Angsturdy
    Ballen3118, I called up to the nurse science dept today and the lady told me 3-6 more weeks!! That seems so far off. Another girlfriend of mine thinks that's just a standard answer they are probably telling everyone. Who really knows. I have a few friends that started this fall semester and one of them said she found out at about 4 wks, and the other who was an alternate didn't hear anything for a very long time. We are thinking 2 weeks tops.....that's my prediction. Can't wait to hear something!!
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    Let me give you the advice that I wish someone had given me almost 2 years ago. I suggest you find another program other than OSU. Their first time NCLEX pass rate last year was like 86%, OCCC and OU both were much higher (the national average was 87%). I will tell you plain and simple from personal experience, you will teach yourself everything after second semester so get ready for it now. I wish this was passed on to me.
  13. by   ciciwaken
    so monkey, what years were you in the program at osu?
  14. by   Angsturdy
    None, I have heard nothing but great things about the osuokc program. I think everyone will have a different experience, and some may have a bad one. My dad, who is an RN in the ER here in nokc said osuokc puts out great and very educated nurses. I think regardless of what program you get in to, you have to study like crazy, retain as much as you can, and try your hardest. The program will be what you make of it. Good luck to you! Hope you get everything figured out.

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