Lpn Home Health Pay...low?

  1. I was wondering what the pay rate is for other LPNs?? I have been at my first and current job doing home health for over a year, they don't give raises. Not at your 3 month evaluation or at the 1 year mark. I was fine with the pay just starting out as an lpn and in home health, but I have never worked at a job that doesn't give raises at all. I am at 15.25, no shift diff or pto. I work 12 hour nights (Zzzzzz). We get sick time at 8 hours for every 520 hours worked. Just curious what others are paid? I know when I was looking for a job out of school I was offered a job at an LTC starting at 18 with night and weekend shift diff., an hiv ltc at 18-19, dr office was 14-16 range. I just feel undervalued (by company) and underutilized (with current case) at this point. I get that with a lower patient load and less stress the pay won't be the same as other places and I am not complaining. In the process of starting another job but just wondered what others thoughts/experiences were. Thanks for sharing/input.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Several years ago I completed clinical rotations with a home health company in north Oklahoma City. At the time, this company was paying their LPNs in the $16 hourly range. This was in late 2009 and early 2010, so about 4 years has elapsed since then.
  4. by   cheriedg
    I have been a LPN for 8 yrs at my current position, which is working LTC for the State. I make base $19.05 plus shift differential of .45. It may seem attractive but when I get my check I make $12/hr when insurance, taxes, retirement, etc are taken. Mind you my patient load: 50. Yep, 50.
    My advice, if you find a place that you are happy with keep it, and pick up a side job for supplemental if you are monetary driven.
  5. by   pyt86
    Thanks thecommuter and cheriedg. It is not all about the money or I would have taken a higher paying job from the beginning. Every job has their pros and cons, I just wondered if the home health pay rate in ok was the same across the board. But I agree if you find a happy place you should stay but that is a whole other post/discussion.
  6. by   SE_BSN_RN
    In Oct. before I got my RN, I made $17 during the day and $19 at night. No other perks/extras. In 2008 the LPN pay for days was $16. This is where HHC doesn't pay. For visits, the pay comes to even less.....$15/hr, most visits around 2 hours. The company is making profits hand over fist and the employees get paid peanuts. I thought I'd like HHC, but I don't. So, I am stuck here until I find a new job.