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    Hey Everyone!! I am a new grad moving back to the OKC are after being in Long Beach, CA for 10 years...Can anyone please give me their personal input on hospitals in the area...

    I am looking at Midwest City Regional, Norman Regional and Baptist. But I would love anyone's first hand input or if you currently work somewhere that is good. I am just looking for a good Med-Surg experience for now. I am coming to the OKC area next week to buy a house.....

    Thanks :heartbeat

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    From my professional experience I would STAY AWAY from Midwest City Regional!!

    Baptist and Mercy would be good choices.
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    Why? Can you let me me know....
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    Hi there...

    Have to agree with Marilynmom...stay away from Midwest City Regional. Baptist and Mercy have much better reputations.
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    Quote from Kaos2luv
    Why? Can you let me me know....
    I did my leadership clinical at Midwest City, full time (three 12's a week doing full patient care in both ICU, CCU, and med-surg floors) for 16 weeks. It was awful for the most part, I would never want a family member there. That was the first hospital I had worked it that I felt that way....I think most hospitals here in OKC are pretty good overall.

    There were some good nurses for sure, but the majority I was very unimpressed. The whole hospital had a bad attitude you could just feel. Very high turn over rate. Eat their young.

    I did enjoy the ER (I worked a few shifts there and liked it) and also the day surgery area was a good place to work. The wound care nurse is awesome as was the House was just everything else!

    Mercy is good, Baptist is good, I like certain areas of OUMed Center (I like the teaching aspect, some people hate that....I thrive in it). I have a couple friends who work for Deaconess and like it (I have no experience there).

    Good luck!
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    If you prefer a smaller facility, Edmond Regional is just off I-35 on the north side of the metro area.

    For you that worked at MWC in the last few years...PM me because I have a "gossip" question!
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    SJT...check your PM...
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    Thanks for the input....I appreciate it. :redpinkhe
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    What about travel assignments in OKC? How is the pay and housing compared to other cities. Are the okc hospitals traveler friendly? What are some good travel agencies to go with for the oklahoma area?:spin:
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    Quote from marilynmom
    From my professional experience I would STAY AWAY from Midwest City Regional!!

    Baptist and Mercy would be good choices.
    What so bad about Midwest Regional Hospital?

    Nevermind! I didnt see your post about Midwest Regional! Sorry!
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