Does platt have the '5 year old rule' for pre-reqs? Does platt have the '5 year old rule' for pre-reqs? | allnurses

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Does platt have the '5 year old rule' for pre-reqs?

  1. 0 Does anyone know if Platt has the 5 year rule where, if your sciences are 5 years and older, you have to repeat them?

    I am considering signing up with them if I can find this info out and determine which campus would be closer for me.

    Thanks everyone.
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    I know this post is old, but I'll still answer your question since I know the answer.

    Platt does not have a 5-year rule on prerequisite classes because you do not need to have taken any prerequisite classes to get admitted into Platt. All of the prerequisites are rolled into the program as corequisite classes.
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    Also, many schools are doing away with the "5 year" rule! I know TCC's ADN program has, as well as OU-Tulsa's acellerated BSN program, both of which accepted my now-7-years-old basic Chem and basic Bio I took as a college freshman way back when. You've got options!
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    I also know that OCCC gave me credit for as well as preference points for classes I took back in '02 for my Fall 2010 application! So I'm thinking there's no 5 year rule at OCCC either!