Anyone waiting to hear from OSU/OKC for the fall 2010 semester? - page 2

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I am waiting to hear from OSU/OKC to see if I got accepted into the Fall 2010 semester. I am getting nervous now. I took the Hesi once and scored an 81. my GPA is 3.65. I think I could have taken the HESI again to make a better... Read More

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    What kind of numbers did you have when you applied? I am going to apply again in the fall and I will have all pre-req's done with the exception of nutrition. I am thinking about retaking the HESI to see if I can bring my score up, I made an 81. Which leaves a lot of room for improvement. I got the max amt of points for GPA. I'm hoping that will get me in. I plan on applying at Redlands too. Maybe I should consider applying to a 4 year school.