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Our instructor was telling us that after the 2nd semester we can apply at the hospitals around OKC for an extern job. Does anyone have any info on what this job consists of? (Pay rate, duties, hours) Thanks in advance.... Read More

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    I just started my 3rd semester of nursing school and have just accepted a job offer from OU Childrens for a nurse partner (haven't started yet) so, its definitely not too late for you either. Alot of hospitals will waive requirements under CNA's, PCTs, etc for nursing students with 2 clinical semesters under their belt. Just call HRs and ask what positions you qualify for, I had alot of luck with that. I have friends that work at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, Norman Regional, Integris, OU, and we've all just gotten our jobs within the last couple months...they're are definitely still opportunities out there. Good luck.

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    Worked at the VA Medical Center this summer... $16.20 an hour, with preceptor. What a great experience. I'd highly suggest the VA for this next year's group of extern applicants
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