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    I was wondering the same, I don't have either graded yet.
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    This was one of the announccements:
    Final course grades will be posted 5/3
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    Quote from Me2006
    This was one of the announccements:
    Final course grades will be posted 5/3
    That is final course grade...which is different from individual grades for paper and quiz for week 5.
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    Quote from NBanasz1
    So I need to vent. I have a chronically ill child who this week needed to be hospitalized for four days. As you can imagine this hospital stay interfered with my ability to complete week 5's assignments. I clearly outlined the problem and offered to provide proof to the TA and got no response whatsoever. At this point I am scrambling to catch up, I have not written one word on the paper or cracked the book to study for the test. Planning on pulling an all-nighter. Wish me luck!
    Just want to send you a virtual hug!!
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    NBanasz1 hope your child is better and you also. So sad that your TA never answered your email. Also sending a virtual hug that things are better and your child is on the road to recovery.
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    Nice that we all get full credit on the final test, wish I hadn't put any effort into taking it.
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    Hoping you and your child are doing better. Did you receive an announcement that everyone would receive full credit for the final quiz?
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    Please do tell what you know about full credit for the final quiz?? I have been stalking the grades section and announcements for days now.
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    I am glad I'm don with this class, even if I get a 0 on the paper I still have a B grade overall. I am taking the summer off. Yeah!
    My daughter has a rare form of epilepsy where she has frequent sub-clinical seizures, called ESES. This can cause progressive neurological damage, and we are trying to find a treatment before damage occurs. This requires us to have stays in the hospital about once every 4-5 weeks to evaluate treatment. ESES is so rare that there has never been any clinical trials done and we are basing treatment on anecdotal evidence. Its going to be a long term treatment and evaluation. Between working full-time, school, and this I am feeling somewhere between super-woman and insane. Only have 3 classes left at OU otherwise I would drop out. Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts and well wishes.
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    I admire you for striving for your goals. You certainly have alot on your plate and finding a happy medium can be a challenge. You can do this!! What three classes do you have yet to complete?