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Since it seems that there's quite a bit of interest, I'm attempting to start a new thread devoted exclusively to the OU on-line RN-BSN program that will hopefully build on the comments on assorted previous threads. I'd like... Read More

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    Thanks for the background work agldragonRN. Looks like the info from the counselor was reasonably accurate. More importantly, it also like my Intro to Cultural Anthro course satisfies this requirement!

    I'm dying to see what OU actually accepts - from what I can see, it will be something like 6 to 8 weeks down the road before the transcript evaluation is complete though.

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    OK - I'm officially disappointed with OU.

    I sent my application in 3 weeks ago and have yet to get any acknowlegement that they received it. I know that they have becuase the check for the app fee that was included in the snail mail package has been cashed. By way of comparison, I sent an application to UT-A late last week and was notified yesterday that they received it and got another e-mail giving me my password for on-line access.

    I've requested all of my transcripts for OU and was notified today that the last of them has been sent. Just have to wait to see if any of this gets acknowleged.

    Will post more as it happens but the score is now UT-A one, OU zero.
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    that sucks. i won't apply to ou anymore because of all the extra classes i still need even though i have like 200 credits already and i am not going to wait 6-8 weeks for transcript evaluation. sigh...i'm back to the drawing board again.
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    Quote from agldragonrn
    that sucks. i won't apply to ou anymore because of all the extra classes i still need even though i have like 200 credits already and i am not going to wait 6-8 weeks for transcript evaluation. sigh...i'm back to the drawing board again.
    i'm not sure that ou is really any worse than most colleges in what they require and will accept for the rn-bsn program. the basic prereqs are:
    writing and rhetoric i
    elementary microbiology
    general psychology
    intro to sociology
    principles of chemistry i
    anatomy & physiology i
    anatomy & physiology ii
    intro to nutrition

    there's also psych (one of the 2 listed):
    intro to child development
    child & adolescent psych
    the advisor i talked to stated that any developmental psych course would satisfy this. and of course, there's also a statistics requirement.

    the gen ed requirements (44 credits total) at first appear daunting with very nebulous categories (cross cultural perspectives, quantitative skills, junior composition, etc) but upon closer examination may not turn out to be so bad. unfortunately, i’ll won't know if this optimistic assessment is correct until i get my evaluation - which is a complaint i have about most of these programs: they won't do an unofficial evaluation and insist that you apply first. like you, i've got well over 200 credits (actually closer to 300) as well as several degrees and really don't want to have to take a lot of background prereqs.

    my big complaint at this stage is that ou does a very poor job of keeping the prospective transfer student apprised of where they are in the admission process.
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    Update on the OU admission process.

    My application was mailed on 2/22. There was no acknowledgment that it had been received however, the check enclosed for the application fee was cashed so either OU received the app or we have a case of theft. I was able to reasonably accurately determine that the last of my transcripts was sent to OU on 3/2 but again, do not know if they were received.

    I e-mailed my OU enrollment specialist yesterday with an inquiry on where I stand in the process. I received a reply within a couple of hours saying:
    Once ALL of your documents have been received, you should receive a confirmation email from main campus letting your know all of your documents are in and you are under academic review. Has it been longer than three weeks since you ordered your transcripts?
    I responded that it had not quite been 3 weeks since I requested the transcripts, more like 2 weeks and 5 days. Again I received a prompt response stating once the transcripts are received, the following will occur via e-mail:
    1. Receive acceptance
    2. Receive Registration Access Code (RAC)
    3. Receive DARS (your degree audit), which details what you have been given credit for and what you have to take.
    Unfortunately, no timeline was provided.

    This is a less than satisfying process but at least I now have some idea of what happens.
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    Ok, I've waited to post until everything was in. OU finally sent my official acceptance this week. I had a DARs report (transcrip eval) sent on 3/5. I was extremely disappointed. I called Chrissy from admissions who advised me they do an initial review then go back over transcripts for finalization. My initial transcript review really irritated me and I was ready to throw in the towel. I have nearly 300 credit hrs of education and did not want to waste any time on extraneous courses. It turns out I need statistics, which I already knew I needed and a cross cultural course. I took the minimum of those types of courses in my previous academic life. So with that said I need 2 courses in addition to the nursing curriculum. My initial DAR report indicated I would need like 4-5 more courses. Needless to say I'm very relieved! So, don't dismay, you WILL get the information you need. Once it starts coming in it's organized and complete. I was dismayed initially with the slow responses but I assure you it all comes together. I had transcripts from 4 colleges and they did get it all done. I am to start classes on the 28th. I plan to enroll in the Nursing 300 course. If it goes well and I like the program I'll continue. If not, I'll withdraw and move on. I think it will be a good program, it's just a pain in the @$$ to hurry up and wait. If I can answer any questions fire away!
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    I am really looking foreward to following this thread!!! I have applied and am planning on starting in June. I have been somewhat disappointed with recieving conflicting information from the enrollment specialist (I probably would have started earlier), but I am really looking foreward to getting my BSN.

    I would like to hear from someone in the program on how manageable the program is for someone who works full time with two small children. Also I recieved my ADN almost ten years ago, and have only taken a couple of classes since. Can anyone identify some additional steps I can take to help prepare me for this journey?
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    i just got accepted in and am just piecing everything together.i am starting in may but i was plannng on taking a few prereqs that i know i already need.i do work full time and am excited about starting but i must say the : hurry up an wait" gets on my nerves. im sure it will be worth it in the end.the price and timing are right on point
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    Hi all, I start in just 10 days. I'm starting with Nrse 300 solo to test the waters. I'll let you know how it is. I don't want to be bogged down during the summer so will start with one course at a time. The 5 week format sounds good to me. I registered today and ordered my text. I'll keep you posted. I also work FT and have two kids. It's worth a shot! Good luck to everyone.
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    I am in the OU RN to BSN program. I am currently 2 courses away from completion.
    I have my first BS from OU, so I had all the required core courses (They took everything, even though I graduated from OU the first time in 1989!!).
    My recommendations are as follows.
    Take any pre-requisites through a community college.
    They do offer some of them online, but you may need to find a local college to take proctored exams, as was the case with one of my co-workers when taking her nutrition course.
    You can take the first and last course with another class.
    I have taken 2 courses at a time (I did that three occasions)I do not recommend doing so if you are working full-time. Taking a BSN class and a pre-req. is something many of my co-workers have done.
    There are no outside clinical requirements. A bonus for this program.
    You have to be highly motivated and self directed. The nature of any online program.
    There are a few classes that are more challenging than some. That said-this is an accelerated program. It uses a combination of exams, written assignments, 3-5 page papers and discussion posts. The discussion posts do require reading, thought and research!
    Expect to put in the amount of work and time you would for a traditional 10 week course for most classes. It isn't easy, but I will have completed this program in approximately 14 months. A more reasonable time frame, when considering your BSN. I believe every program has positive and negative qualities. I have never had an issue contacting the school nor have I had any issue e-mailing professors. You do have the option of "testing out" of one course-NRSE 310/Health Appraisal. I did so in less than 2 days. It required taking and passing 3 exams and writing a 10 pt. case study. Get the text, review the course content, once loaded and dig in. If you fail that process, you continue taking the course in the traditional manner. It is overwhelming, however, once completed-huge relief. I passed all of the exams with an 80% or better. My only "B" in the program.
    Follow all directions for assignments. Read and take notes. This program was not meant to be an easy BSN. It is challenging and not for those who are looking for an easy way out. I preferred the challenge and the higher expectations of this program, as I feel I have progressed greatly in expanding my knowledge base and I feel better prepared to advance to the rigors of a quality MSN program.
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