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Since it seems that there's quite a bit of interest, I'm attempting to start a new thread devoted exclusively to the OU on-line RN-BSN program that will hopefully build on the comments on assorted previous threads. I'd like... Read More

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    I indeed feel your pain. I experienced exactly the same thing. It was awful! If their tuition weren't so reasonable they'd lose a lot of applicants through this inefficient process. It causes me to be leary of the whole program. I'm sure it's academically sound, etc but delays in communication in this age of technology are unacceptable. I wish you luck...and a heckuvalot of patience!

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    Chuckster...My application process was a bit sketchy also. My intention was to enroll in the Fall 2010 session. Well I sent them all of my info. Didn't hear ANYTHING, so I contacted them. About 2wks prior to the term starting, they emailed me to let me know a transcript was missing. I had forgotten about a class I had taken for my undergrad degree at a local junior college. However, in remembering about that transcript, I quickly realized that there was another transcript not accounted for from another JC where I took a class. It's almost like whomever is reviewing your information, does it in stages, so it's up to you to be proactive in knowing what you need.

    My advisor is TERRIBLE. Haven't heard from her. She doesn't answer emails. So I just bypass her and contact admissions/bursars office directly.

    I've enjoyed the program. But I agree the admissions process is a bit of a turnoff.

    Try contacting the bursars office. At least there you can speak to a LIVE person that can transfer you to the proper department.
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    I will say that once I got tired of waiting for them I did contact the nursing school directly. I got a follow up phone call from Shedrick to say I had been admitted and my DARs was done which I knew weeks ago. He stated I could enroll right now which I tried to do Sunday but was unable.I will attempt to enroll today and order my books for class. Class starts in a month. I am anxious and excited to see what they have to offer and how soon I can really be finished with this program. I am currently looking for schools that are local that offer Jr English. I dont think I have the patience to wait to accumulate 90 hours @ OU. I also dont have any updates to my DARS or financial aid letter yet
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    i posted yesterday that i contact the ou admissions office by e-mail regarding the status of my application. they responded late in the day that they do indeed have my application and they also provided a list of the transcripts they’ve received (which thankfully was all of them).

    the e-mail told me that the reason i had not heard anything was “due to the fact that ohio university is in the process of implementing a new student information system” and that once that new system went live, i would get an e-mail indicating that my application had been received. the e-mail did not give a date for that, but did say that they expected the new system would be in place for summer 2011 students, the term that i applied for.

    they also stated that ou would begin the admission process for summer 2001 “within the next several weeks”. that lack of definition was disappointing but it was even more discouraging to learn that i could “expect to receive an e-mail regarding an admission decision sometime in may or early in june”.

    it’s really disappointing that you are expected to wait more than 4 months for the admission decision. who knows when you will get your evaluation – there was no information provided about when that would happen. since the summer session at ou starts 20 june, it seems likely that you will need to begin the semester without an academic evaluation.

    by way of comparison, i expect to receive my evaluation from ut-a (which i applied to 3 weeks later than ou) in the next couple of weeks for the start of the term beginning 30 may. while it is likely that i will need to take 1 or 2 more classes at texas than at ohio (ut-a requires a course in “texas state government” – who in the other 49 states would ever have taken this course?), i may actually be able to complete the program more quickly – and apparently with a lot fewer issues.

    just have to wait and see.
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    OU may be a good school but perhaps their online program has grown faster than they can manage. I have no patience for this when I've experienced the complete opposite from other institutions. I would rather pay a little more and have better communication than have this type of stress. I have changed my plans for school and I'm thrilled with my decision. Based on OU's incompetency in communication with potential students I can't help but feel it may bleed into the program itself. From other reviews of the program it appears this is not an issue; however I'd sooner take Texas gov't history than endure this maze of confusion. I hope you hear from UTA soon and can begin your program. I personally think OU's system has erected too many red flags for my comfort level. Keep us posted Chuckster.
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    Im getting more and more frustrated with OU by the week. I attempted to register today only to find that I need permission to register for my class. Im seriously getting discouraged by all of this. Having to search all over to get info then to piece it together and try to make sense of it. All I want to is sign up for courses and get started but dang this just seems like OU cant handle any of this. I called the nursing school and they continue to state they aer busy and to leave a message. Im pulling my hair out.I think I may need to look into other programs if I dont get info soon
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    SShannon81, please refresh my memory as to your long term goals. Do you want just a BSN? I've done a LOT of research and perhaps I can help. I'm going for RN-MSN for about $7200 plus books. Remind me what you need and tuition constraints, etc.
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    I am in this program because my job will cover tuition 100%. I need a BSN. I cant skip over that. I did get a call back from Nursing division who told me that registration was down. I did dig through and find my award letter for Fin aid. I have decided to sign up for Nrse 300 and stats together.Im just gonna push forth. They also told me they have staff coming in on the weekends to work on DARs to get them done so again we shall see. I am ordering my books for class today. Hopefully they will be in by the start of class.
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    Well, it sounds like maybe things are coming together for you. I hope so! Just dig in and get it done. It's a major bonus that tuition is covered...lucky you! All the best to you!
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    I am considering attending here, but have a few concerns. Why is it so cheap? Other online programs are way more expensive for the program and you have to take a lot more classes. Why is this? I eventually want to become a nurse practitioner, so I'd like a school that many schools recognize. When I transfer to do this will I need to take more classes than if I were to go to university of Pheonix? It just seems like you don't have to take as much here! Is it too good to be true?

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