Nursing 4600 Excellence Spring 2013 Session 2 - page 2

The syllabus for this class was emailed yesterday. Most non-clinical assignments are DB items. Clinical looks fairly straightforward that culminates in a research paper. These are not clinicals in the classical sense of the word.... Read More

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    Quote from EmJeanRN
    I did send some information to Mogdoth via email. Perhaps she can pass it along so you can know what to expect for next month.
    Thanks so much!
    If anyone wants syllabus info pm me, though it doesn't really give details about the clinical component. Thanks for the additional clinical info too EmJean.

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    I have not really started this class yet. I will share more about the requirements as I go along.
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    I was kind of freaking out about all this. If I only need someone to consult then that's great. I didnt know how I was going to log 21 hours with working FT and taking 2 classes together.

    Quote from EmJeanRN
    They have not really spelled it out. They are calling the clinical component "INDIRECT CLINICAL" in other are not spending time side by side like a clinical in undergrad nursing school. You are doing a "project" and whomever you choose will "consult" with you. However, they are not making you log these hours in any way. (21 hours total any way you want to incorporate them through the 5 weeks) You are really doing a project which culminates in a research paper. The only real requirement is a preceptor that has a BSN or MSN to sign a form in week one. At this point the school is being quite accommodating to this whole concept. In other words...don't sweat it!!
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    Me either EmJean....again no motivation or ease of flow with these assignments. I wish they had let us know earlier. I would have preferred to have more than a week to prepare for a precepter.
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    Is there written information in week 1 of this class about what is expected of the preceptor? If so can someone pass it along to me please? I might have someone to do this clinical portion with when I take this class in March but they want to know what is expected of them.
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    No not really any information on preceptors duties. It looks like we as students agree to spend 21 hours any way we can on this INDIRECT clinical to finish OUR assignments which are paperwork.
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    Okay EmJean, thanks. I won't even vent about this whole clinical extra and how vague it all is.
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    I couldnt get my preceptor to sign my stuff , she has been out of the office all week. I think Im going to get a zero
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    Quote from SShannon81
    I couldnt get my preceptor to sign my stuff , she has been out of the office all week. I think Im going to get a zero
    I think before I took a zero I'd be letting the professor know that no one knew this would be required and your preceptor has been on vacation.
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    Folks...once again the assignment is clear as mud. I am trying to grin and bear it. I wish I could just quit at this point. People keeping asking about the 21 hours. The prof/TA are avoiding answering it like the plague. They say need to spend 21 hours with your preceptor...but they don't tell you doing what!!!! That does not bother me. The assignment is what is so unclear. Shoulder shrug. From everything I have printed out the preceptor ONLY signs a form in the first week. That is it.

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