NRSE 4550 Evidence based practice starting Jan 13

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    Anyone in with me? For those of you who have already taken the class...what should we expect? Quizzes? lengthy papers? Is it pretty much like the other nursing classes? Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    I'm in! Heard it is quizzes and DB posts.3 more classes and I am done!
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    I'm in too! This one and Nursing Excellence to go, and I'm Dooooooone! It would be wonderful if we didn't have to write papers for this one...
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    ShadowAngelRN. Good for you! I think you live in my neck of the woods!
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    Quote from woodsyny
    I'm in! Heard it is quizzes and DB posts.3 more classes and I am done!
    Yes, I remember the weekly quizzes... wording was tricky.... but they give a study guide which was really helpful as I remember.
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    Woodsyny and ShadowAngelRN, glad to know I'm not alone through this one! You both must be so excited being so close to the end! Cincinursemary and I aren't far behind! I have six left; three nursing and three non-nursing. I can see the light...albeit very small.
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    Beautifulyou, I am more than ready to be body and mind have taken a beating this past year and I am ready to get back to "a normal life". You are not far behind and neither is Cincinursemary. It will go quick ( I hope). I just want to be done already!
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    I had this class last summer. Discussion board post and replies weekly. Quizzes weekly also. I remember the first two being really hard even with the study guide. Then they seemed to be easier. I took this class with two other gen ed classes and ended up with an A.
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    I'm in....and I'll graduate this fall =) Last class will be in September!!!
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    I'm in, not close enough to be counting down the classes but I'm not too far away. I hope to be finished by Feb 2015.

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