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Starting this family nursing course in January and from what I hear this is going to be a hard course. I am looking for the support of my fellow class mates, or any hints from those who have previously taken the class. Thank... Read More

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    Quote from bushrn75
    Just curious if anyone got their paper back that only did one goal and one intervention?
    No not yet, it's the grade I'm waiting on!
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    No grades for week 5 yet on this end.
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    no grades here.
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    My week 5 DB posting(s) are graded, but nothing for my paper yet... Holding my breath along with all of you...
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    I gave birth faster
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    I have my grade back on my case study paper. I got all 50 points. I did one general goal for the family and three specific goals with multiple interventions.
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    Quote from bushrn75
    I gave birth faster
    ROFL!!! I hear ya!
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    Got my grades, full points for paper, did one goal also. Overall grade in the class was an A, thank goodness. For awhile there I was wondering since I didn't get full points for the stupid therapy letter. Good luck with your next class(es).
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    ugh! still no grades for my paper!! I hate waiting!
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    I do not have a grade. I was curious if others were experiencing the waiting game.

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