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Starting this family nursing course in January and from what I hear this is going to be a hard course. I am looking for the support of my fellow class mates, or any hints from those who have previously taken the class. Thank... Read More

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    There is something in the announcements about the Rubric being the same as previous weeks.

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    So the reason our posts are not flowing is because we have to answer so many questions in 6, 5 sentence paragraphs. How are we supposed to now include an introduction and a conclusion in those same six paragraphs AND still answer all of the questions?
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    It seems like we keep answering the same questions over and over again, just worded differently. I just answer the questions and don't bother trying to keep it a certain length. Two more weeks!
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    Quote from modgoth1
    Did everyone get an announcement saying that we have to include an introduction and conclusion paragraph in our regular discussion board postings? The message said that we should have been doing this all along. UH, since when? I've never had this requirement in any OU nursing class. Changing it up on week four is annoying. We are nearly done folks!
    Just got it. It said people have not been following directions in the ever changing weekly announcements for the assignments and points will be deducted! The announcements are posted Monday or Tuesday. They are due Friday. I work full time and HATE staying up all night for last minute deadlines due to poor planning (not mine). Is there not a way to figure out the assignment details before Monday night or Tuesday--or week 4 of the class? Just askin'.
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    I agree, this is beyond frustrating. I guess I am guilty of not followig the directions. ( The directions we didn't have!) I am off Monday's and Tuesday's so this is when I get the majority of my work done. Posting on Monday or Tuesday should not be considered "posting early". We should not be penalized because they can't give us the revised instructions on time. At least they were nice enough not to deduct points last week after they decided the DB was supposed to be about the case study family. (after the fact) This class has seemed to be much more time consuming that the other nsg classes I have taken. Anyone else feel this way?
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    Is anyone or has anyone taken the Jr English at OU? I am taking it now and my teacher is harshly grading my papers. 17 points out of 50. WTH?
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    Uggg! So the names are not supposed to be hyphenated, Really?
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    One more week, one more week! Jumping through hoops and all. We will get through this.

    I don't really think this class has been too bad. A discussion board and a case study each week has been fine by me. Having no exams has rocked! Yes, there have been inconsistencies and changes but they have been minor compared to some other nursing classes I've had. The case study is monotonous for sure, glad to finish that up next week.
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    Quote from NBanasz1
    Uggg! So the names are not supposed to be hyphenated, Really?
    What names?
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    Quote from modgoth1
    What names?
    According to the TA we are not supposed to hyphenate the Authors names for our textbook, apparently that is APA format. The announcements said it. I agree this class has not been too much work, Its just been hard figuring out the work that we have to do.

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