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Thought I would start a new thread on my next class coming up. I know have already taken this class, and have commented elsewhere about some of the requirements. Any words of wisdom you and others can share whould be... Read More

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    My section is also up on EPIC. I would rate the BWF* for this course up at around .9 to .95. I also noticed that grading is a bit different with 95 or above needed for an A (I think most are 94). Thankfully, after this course is done, I will have only 4 more to go. So the torture continues but at least now I see can clearly when it will end.

    * Busy Work Factor (BWF) - a measurement of the amount of work in a BSN course intended to to occupy the nursing student in completing trivial, meangless tasks. The BWF is the simple ratio of the total estimated hours of work for the course to the estimated hours of trvial but time-consuming, non-value added work. Obviously, greater learning occurs wher the BWF is small and less as the factor approaches 1. At present, NRSE 414 (Diversity) has the distinction of having the highest BWF (.98), indicating that almost no real learning occurs in that course.

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    Excellent definition of BWF! I couldn't agree more!
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    I vow to:
    a) not be obsessed about my grade
    b) not get freaked by the workload (aka BWF)
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    Hahahahaha! That fill in template takes more time than I expected!
    Talk abou BWF!!!
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    Quote from mtsteelhorse
    Hahahahaha! That fill in template takes more time than I expected! Talk abou BWF!!!
    I just mean the one with your community statistics?
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    Thanks for the headsup on EPIC for this class. I think I am going to really like this subject matter. Been viewing the videos and thought they were interesting.
    Really those statistics and templates are easy. I just googled for my city and they have everything spelled out in a public health report already even comparing to the nation overall. Just need to find two nursing diagnosis, which should not take long.

    You guys are fine!
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    " Just need to find two nursing diagnosis, which should not take long. "

    OK - Officially do not like this class already - nursing diagnosis BS is BS
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    Read through the instructions. The prof has already said this should not be a long, lengthy process. A few hours at the most.
    You only need the Diagnosis...not interventions or evaluations. You look at a list of diagnosis and pick two. VERY EASY. Nothing hard about that.
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    Ugh...nothing spelled out easy for me. Busy work...searching, searching for data...Thank goodness it was posted early.
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    I will not be able to work on anything until next Weekend. I am out of town this weekend and then have my intense 8.5 hour days with statistics for one week with a brutal exam due the following Tuesday. So, I really perused the syllabus and assignment. So far I think Family Nursing was the most labor intensive.

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