Change in summer schedule

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    I'm sure most of you have received this email from OU but for anyone who hasn't it's important information:

    1. Ohio University has decided that all summer courses must end by August 11th as a result of the transition from quarters to semesters. In remaining compliant with this university-wide policy, summer session 1 will begin June 18th and end July 21st. Summer session 2 will now begin July 9th and end August 11th. Please note that this means session 1 and session 2 will overlap by 2 weeks. Attached is a new course offerings sheet showing these changes.

    2. The recent email you received about summer course offerings was an email that went out to all Ohio students. The course offerings listed in that email, are NOT the RN-BSN summer course offerings. If you sign up for one of those courses, you will be responsible for Athens-campus Ohio University tuition which is higher than the normal RN-BSN tuition. The RN-BSN course offerings will only be listed on Registration for summer will begin around April 10th and we expect our course offerings to be posted in the beginning of April.

    3. The deadline to apply for spring graduation is April 17th. To apply for spring graduation, you will have to complete any remaining requirements by the end of spring quarter. For more information on graduation, please use this website:

    4. Please remember when registering for courses, you must go to, select YOUR program, click on course offerings and use that class number to register. If you are getting the “prerequisites have not been meet” message for a nursing course or a course other than statistics, you are most likely using the class number for the wrong program. * For students in NRSE 451 spring 1, you need to continue to contact the nursing office to sign up for spring 2. We are working to get this situation resolved and we appreciate your patience.

    5. Fall registration will begin May 21st and we anticipate fall course offerings to be posted in early May. Please remember in early May to sign into your MyOhio account to see when your specific enrollment date and time will be.

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    Was just coming to post this ... I am overlapping Health Interventions and Family .... ewwwwwww!!
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    Interventions will be fine. The confusing aspect was some of the directions. I can help ya out with that! It's actually been one of my easier courses once I knew what was expected. You'll get through it!
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    LOL ... thx sistah! What are you doing - Management and Strat. Planning?
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    I don't have a class to take the first session so I may take stats elsewhere. 2nd session I take Family. Fall I take 4550, Evidence Based Nursing. 5 courses to go after this session!
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    That really stinks for those that will be wrapping up this summer. I think they should have forgone the break between spring and summer instead to make it less of an overlap.
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    Now this really bites! There goes my new plan.......thought I had it all worked out. Anybody get the ok to sign up for these summer classes?
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    What do you mean by okay? I don't think we register until April 10th or thereabouts, right? I feel for everyone affected. This really blows.
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    Shouldn't we have gotten the date and exact minute we can register by now? April 1st is on a week!
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    Quote from michelemybell
    Now this really bites! There goes my new plan.......thought I had it all worked out. Anybody get the ok to sign up for these summer classes?

    Summer registration is supposed to start on April 10.

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