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Hopefully his class will be better than 4520!... Read More

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    My letter was terrible. I did my best though
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    Week two here we go!
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    Do we reference the case study material? As I think of it. I'm guessing yes, since its used in the assignment. What do you all think?
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    This class makes me miserable.
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    I am not citing the case study. I don't think anyone who I talked to that took it cited it
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    Quote from ScottE,RN
    This class makes me miserable.
    Misery is the 5 weeks known as 4520. Just you wait! lol
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    ShantheRn, Ohhhhhhhhhh I agree with you completely about 4520. This class a piece of cake compared to that!
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    4520 was horrid!!
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    I still don't have a grade for that letter....boo. And in other news, apparently my APA formatting has been wrong all of this year. I don't like ampersands. Never have. She only took off a point, but it's the principle of the matter.
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    ShantheRn, OMG! You must have the TA I had for my last class. That is all she dinged me on ampersands!