Working in nursing school?

  1. I've been planning on saving a lot of money to put aside for when I start the nursing program, so I won't have to work. Not sure how well that's going to workout financially since I also have a 6 year old to take care of. However, my question is will it be possible to work part time while in nursing school? I'm talking around 24 hrs a week. I'm still hesitant about it, but being that I have bills to pay & a child, I'm not sure I can do it without working at least a little bit. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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  3. by   jennafezz
    I worked between 20 and 40 hours a week during my entire nursing program and I graduated with almost all As. It's totally doable but it really depends on you! Everyone is different when it comes to time required to study, stress levels, etc. It also really depends on the job - it needs to be a flexible job that is low stress, and it's even better if the job gives you some time to study while you are there.
  4. by   FutureCRNA?
    I work 8-24 hours a week and also have all A's. My program is 4 days a week plus I usually work 2 days which leaves me 1 study day. Works for me so far I've got two kids at home, and a husband who works a full time & a part time job. Plus I commute about 2.5 hours a day. It's a juggling game, but I'm really organized
  5. by   Mandy0728
    Thanks for your help, ladies! I know that everyone is different but it's just nice to hear that it's actually realistic. I'm trying to get a unit clerk job at a nearby hospital, so I'm not sure ill have time to study at work lol, but it'd only be 2 12s so the rest of the week would be dedicated to school. Thanks again!
  6. by   FutureCRNA?
    There are some in my class who works 2 - 12's NIGHTS. No idea how they handle that with 4 DAYS worth of classes lol, but they say they have lots of study time by working nights....
  7. by   HeartNursing3
    I worked four 10s during nursing school.
  8. by   wanderlustgirl
    Working is definitely doable! My first semester I was working five 8 hour shifts (11p-7a) a week and going straight into school. Now I am doing three 12 hour night shifts (7p-7:30a), which for me is easier.
    It can be exhausting but I just kept telling myself it was only while I was in school. And, there is usually some free time on night shift to study or do homework.
  9. by   Needles McGee, SN
    I'm planning to continue working FT as I go through school. I work 3 night (sleep) shifts a week, plus 2 16s every other weekend. There is no way I can cut back on work, financially speaking, so I'm hoping my schedule will remain this way for the duration!
  10. by   notallwhowander
    It also depends on the type of nursing program you're going into. Working 24 hours a week while attending an accelerated second degree BSN program is going to be much different than working 24 hours a week attending a hybrid program or a traditional 4-year program. Look into how many hours a week, on average, you're going to be required to be at school and clinicals, factor in study time, etc. It's definitely doable, I worked throughout my program at CSCC, half full-time half of the program part-time (I could tell my grades were starting to slip - that extra day a week was a miracle).

    Also, I would try to get a tech/PCA position if you're able to - more hands-on nursing type work than a unit clerk position, which helps more than you would think when you're in nursing school. You get a lot more experience that way.

    Good luck!