who is applying to the christ college of nursing for fall 2010

  1. :imbar Anyone applying to the christ college of nursing and health sciences admission for the fall of 2010? I know the deadline is january 15, 2010. I had got accepted last march but I could not attend so I am applying again, I had a 3.53 GPA cumulative but last spring I took some classes and my quaterly GPA was a 2.90 so I decided to take biology, spanish and math and earned a 4.0 this quarter so I am hoping that will bring my cumulative GPA back to its competitive state. I have 2 reference letters from a supervisor at Children's Hospital and a professor at the University of Cincinnati and a co worker but I am not confident on my essay. I am wondering if my grades and other credentials will make up for my writing deficiency and if the fact that I got accepted last year will influence their admissions decision in a positive way. To those who attend christ or are applying how competitive were your grades?
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  3. by   starmickey03
    I dont currently attend Christ, but I am working on my essay as I type this. I plan on sending my application materials out before the 1st. When I spoke with the admissions rep there he told me that the average GPA of the current students were 3.2, but Im not sure what the GPA of the students is when they apply. He also told me that the nursing courses can be started during the first semester, and thats the main reason Im applying. I live in MI and every NS here is basically impossible to get into if you dont have a 4.0 or there is an extremely long waiting list. Maybe we can keep in touch through the board and keep each other updated on the application process
  4. by   grechi2009
    I am writing my essay on the topic about a risk you have taken and its impact on me I plan to write about on the risk to apply to nursing school once again and becoming a registered nurse how is yours coming long?
  5. by   starmickey03
    Its going pretty good, I actually just finished it but Im having it proofread by a couple people and then Im going to send it in tomorrow. I wrote it on an issue of personal concern to me and its importance. Hopefully its good enough!
  6. by   grechi2009
    you are mailing your application right? do you have any previous college credits?
  7. by   starmickey03
    Right, Im mailing it. I have plenty of other credits, I go to Michigan State right now and I'll be graduating in May with my BS in health studies. Hopefully my credits will transfer right if I am accepted.
  8. by   grechi2009
    o yea they all should transfer what interests you to apply to christ?
  9. by   starmickey03
    Ive just heard good things about the school for the past couple of years and decided to give it a try. And the fact that the admissions rep told me tha there wasnt a waitlist or anything immediately caught my attention. But my first choice is actually Mercy NWO, hopefully Im accepted there especially since its so close to MI. I applied for the BSN track there so if all works out I'd love to end up there in the fall but if not if Christ accepts me I'll goschool in India there. I've also applied to an ABSN program in Indiana and the BSN program at the Univ of Miami but I havent sent in my transcripts and everything yet to those schools
  10. by   grechi2009
    have you looked in the uc main campus they accept applications for their BSN program in the spring quarter from May til June 30
  11. by   grechi2009
    or good samaritan college of nursing
  12. by   starmickey03
    I had looked at good sam but everyone Ive talked to so far has said that the waiting list is quite long and I just dont want to be on a waiting list for years if I can get in somewhere that doesnt have a waiting list
  13. by   grechi2009
    I heard that good sams waiting lists is only about 6 monts to a year but I could be mistaking. Anyways I will be dropping off my application to christ by friday.
  14. by   grechi2009
    i got in did u get in to christ as well?