What's the deal with Columbus State admission?

  1. My friend applied in January 2009 for their traditional ADN program and was accepted (as all students are) and was told her start date was March 2011. In the meantime, she applied twice to their online program and was rejected.

    Their website states for application dates...
    Traditional Track

    • Jan. 6-15, 2010 for the Autumn 2010 class
    • July 1-9, 2010 for the Spring 2011 class
    • Jan. 10-19, 2011 for the Autumn 2011 class

    I called the school and asked: "So, If I apply during the July 2010 application period and meet all the requirements, I'll definitely get to start in March of 2011?" Their answer? YES OF COURSE YOU WILL!

    Is the waitlist gone at CSCC or is the nursing school misleading me? I don't want to hold out and stay in Columbus an extra year only to be disappointed and realize I could have started at Tri-C sooner after all.

    Also, what is the deal with CSCC requiring the anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and biology sections for the Hesi A2 exam?!

    They require organic/biochem as a prerequisite, but a lot of the chemistry seems to be stuff covered in general chemistry (nuclear chem, molar relationships, stoichiometry, etc). Additionally, biology isn't a prerequisite in any way, shape, or form. Anatomy and physiology are taken during the nursing program and are not requirements. The Hesi review book states: "A one-year course in anatomy and physiology should be taken before the student prepares for the anatomy examination." Yet, CSCC expects us to rock that section BEFORE taking any form of A&P. What is up with all that?! Luckily I've taken biology and general chemistry for science majors and I've taken anatomy (not physiology) so I'm a bit better off, but that seems really unfair. Additionally, I took anatomy twice (As both times) and both were high level with human cadavers taught by medical school faculty and there is a lot of anatomy stuff in the review book I never learned. Needless to say, I'm frustrated and worried.

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  3. by   areawoman
    I took my pre-requisites at Columbus State (for OSU), and although there is no biology required, it is a pre-requisite for every other class you have to take, including chem, micro, and A&P, so it really IS required.
  4. by   msteeleart
    I am beginning to think that for the online program they have gone by net scores in the past. There is a girl in one of my classes and she said she got accepted to the online program and her undergraduate gpa was a 2.9 but her net test scores were good. I could be wrong, they could take all the students who meet the requirements and stick them in a bucket and pick students out. They say there is no waitlist but it puzzles me that your friend isn't starting till 2011. I just applied in December and January to start in the fall of this year.

    Chem113 is not a bad class. I took it online and even though it was kind of dry, I got a B. I am taking anatomy this quarter and I am scared. I dropped down to 1 class so I could get a good grade and Columbus State took my student loan away immediately so I had to pay out of pocket or get dropped from the class.

    I don't think you should be worried about the A2. Chamberlain makes you take the A2 and if you search for A2 at Chamberlain, people say it easy and they get scores in the 90's. I could be wrong though, the Columbus State A2 test could be harder than Chamberlains so we will probably have to wait to see when people starting getting their scores back.
  5. by   foreverLaur
    Can the Hesi A2 test vary by school, or is the math section that one student takes the same that every other student at every school takes different?

    I took CHEM 113. I actually enjoyed the class as much as you can enjoy a class. I did very well in it. I took in on campus in the evening and received an A. I don't think I could have done that well without my professor to explain things so kudos to you.

    Don't worry about anatomy. I didn't have any troubles with it. However, the lab book CSCC gives you BLOWS. I bought the spiral bound anatomy book that OSU students in ANAT 200 use and it is the reason I did so well in that class. The pictures and diagrams make SO much more sense.

    The cadavers also suck and the lab practicals move very fast. You'll be fine in the rest of the lab but don't let yourself stress out over the cadavers. Each station has 3 things to identify and you only have a minute. Skip the ones you don't know right away and answer the ones you do know. They give you 5 minutes at the end to go back and relook at things you were unsure about.

    Also, they give you a wordbank but it isn't much use. They expect you to identify the item, find it on the 3 page wordbank, look at what letter is next to it, and then write that letter on your answer sheet (scantron) three times in a minute. You REALLY have to know your stuff. I started ignoring the scantron and just finding the item on the wordbank and writing #32 (or whatever it was) next to it. At the 3 break stations I would then copy that information over onto the scantron because it gave me more time at the identifying stations.

    The only other nursing prerequisite I have left is NURC 102. I tried to get out of it but they won't let me. I work as a MST at Mt Carmel so I do foleys (in and out), phlebotomy, wound dressing changes, apply all ortho devices, help with ortho treatments, cast, etc. And I obviously got really good at sterile technique. Oh well - at least it will be an easy A! NURC 101 was a joke. YAWN. I sat in the back and studied for other courses and still got a 100% in the class. Then I got my first job in the hospital and realized nursing homes may do it like the class taught, but hospital life doesn't relate at all.

    Any idea why CSCC makes you get really good at the nursing home basics plus nursing basics before starting if they still make you do your first rotation in a nursing home?! Seems like they should start out on a med/surg floor. I know most other nursing schools don't require STNA stuff beforehand and they still skip the nursing home clinical.

    I can apply for the traditional track in July. I can apply for online in Sept/Oct. Both are for the same start date. Can I apply for them both? If I get rejected to the online then just keep my traditional track admission? I'd rather do online, but at least I'd only have nursing classes by the time I started to being in class wouldn't be terrible.

    Advisors told me you cannot register for the online classes when you are in traditional. Is that only the nursing classes? I don't have transfer credit for COMM 200/202. Will I be able to take that online? Oh and I don't have credit for any SSCI coursework (despite having 170 semester hours and a bachelors degree). For the traditional program, those aren't waived and I'd much rather take them online...
  6. by   msteeleart
    I would rather do online too, I have sat in class for too long and really don't want to sit in class anymore. On my unofficial transcript on cougarweb I have a line that says GEN-001 GEN EDU MET/DEGREE 22 credits. It doesn't show any of my english classes that I have taken, it just shows that line. A girl in my anatomy class told me that if you have a bachelors degree you most likely do not have to take any of the general education classes no matter which ones you have taken if you have that line on your transcript. You can take any of the general or basic classes online as long as it is not the nursing courses.

    The nurc-102 class is hard but since you have already done all that stuff then it will be easy. I would take the hybrid class since they expect you to know it already from watching the videos you have already done it in real life.

    I hope you don't mind me asking, but how hard was it to get into Mt. Carmel? I have applied for the PCT position numerous times and all I get is nothing. I am considering getting my phlebotomy certification just so I can get a job. I really don't want to work at Target, I would rather get into a hospital to get some experience. Many people say it is really hard to get into Mt. Carmel. I am wondering if it is the economy that makes it so hard to get in there. I used to have a friend that took the nurc-101 class and immediately got into Mt. Carmel but that was back in 2002 when times were good. Now, I can't even get hired on at Walmart.
  7. by   msteeleart
    Oh, I forgot, you can apply to both the traditional and the online but I think once you accept one or the other then the other deletes your app.
  8. by   foreverLaur
    I've probably applied to 60 positions at Mt Carmel before I got hired and I had 6 months PSA experience through OhioHealth. One of my best friends is a nurse aide on that floor I work on and that's how I got the job. However, she still couldn't do anything until HR finally decided I was worthwhile to pass my resume through and they're no good and really slow.

    I didn't have phlebotomy experience when I applied at Mt Carmel - just all the NURC 101 stuff and 6 months experience. Phlebotomy is really easy to learn and it is a complete waste to take that 2 quarter sequence. I learned it in 2 weeks of orientation Mon-Fri 7-330.

    Apply at OhioHealth and OSU too. It took me 6 months of constant applying to get hired the first time.

    Funny you say Walmart. I got rejected at Walmart, Target, and Kmart.

    The advisors told me that all gen ed stuff is waived if you have a bachelors degree, but we were only talking about the online program so I'm not sure if that holds true for traditional or not. I think I'm going to go to walkin hours on Tuesday.

    My CSCC Unofficial Transcript does not have that line on it. It does say I have 241 quarter hours though! EESH! I sent in my OSU transcript about 6 months after my degree was awarded so they have to know...
  9. by   AssociateDegree
    There are several (3 or 4, I believe) versions of the A2, which are supposed to be equal in difficulty. If you do not "pass" the A2, you receive a different version the next time you take the exam. So, 2 people taking the A2 at the exact same time could be taking different, but equal exams. HTH
  10. by   msteeleart
    Thanks for the tips. I will keep applying to as many jobs at the hospitals as possible. )
  11. by   achiever
    Let me see if I can help at all. For the traditional program there is a lag time for entry, you get accepted and then they let you know a start date. For the online deal (I graduate in June) if you are accepted, you start with the next cohort.

    As for pre-recs/ non nursing classes I only had to do NURC 102, CHEM 113, BIO ??? the Micro class, and PSYCH of development. They weren't tough, As in all. If you have anything other than NURS classes left, including those included in the plan of study, I highly recommend you get them done before you begin your nursing classes. Nursing classes are incredibly time intensive and the less you have to divide your time the better off you will be. Traditional students cannot enroll in the hybrid courses.

    They weren't doing the HESI entrance exam, it was the net, when I applied, but I can tell you the HESI will be the bane of your existence. You take a HESI 4th quarter and cannot proceed to 5th without the required score, and then again at the beginning of 7th quarter and cannot graduate or sit for boards until you pass. Learn to study for it now. As for your transcript/DARS, your advisor will review it your first quarter and let you know if you're missing anything.

  12. by   javaaddict student
    Hey! Glad to find a recent thread on this.

    I was told that the online program does not retain a wait list.

    I start with the Spring 2010 online class. Super excited!!!!!
  13. by   foreverLaur
    Quote from javaaddict student
    Hey! Glad to find a recent thread on this.

    I was told that the online program does not retain a wait list.

    I start with the Spring 2010 online class. Super excited!!!!!

    Do you mind me asking what your GPA was and your entrance test score? My best friend was denied with a 3.5 and 4.0 prerequisite and a 90% on her entrance test two straight years so I decided not to even bother applying...
  14. by   chansen
    When I started looking into the pre-reqs a few years ago, I was told by the advisor that I'd be ready to apply January 2009 and would likely need to reapply again in 2010, hoping for a 2011 start date and a 2013 graduation (I'm sticking with the traditional program, I'm stretched too thin with work and family life that the forced class-time helps).

    I don't know if it was grades/NET scores, or if the rush has died down some, but I start next quarter and have orientation in two days. Those that I took NURC101 and 102 with that applied to the online track started last fall.

    Seems like quite a few CSCC students on here - any other traditional track peeps starting this Spring that want to buddy up?