Tri-c nursing program?

  1. Hello everyone! I am quite new to this site but I wanted to ask a few questions.

    I am interested in finding out more as to how to get into Tri-C's nursing program. I already have a BS in psychology and was debating if I should go through Tri-C's nursing program instead of CSU's accelerated BSN program. Since this is a second degree, I have to pay for school out of pocket. According to the advisers at CSU I would only need about five classes until I can apply to the program. But, from Tri-C's website I could apply as early as this summer once I complete my chemistry course. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these two programs?

    What would be the best suggestion as far as programs? I only need to take the second part of chemistry, A&P 1 and 2 and Microbiology.

    Should I just take these courses at Tri-C and apply for their program? If someone has been through the application process at either school, I could use some feedback.

    Sorry for all the questions. I am quite new to this site and would value some feedback.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   AssociateDegree
    If you can find a way to afford it, you should get the BSN from Cleveland State. While there are other players in the market, Cleveland is pretty much a two-hospital system: Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals. Both of them prefer to hire BSNs due to their Magnet designations and ADN grads find it more difficult to get jobs. Even though you already have a bachelor's degree, from a nursing standput you'd still be an associate degree grad. And, if by chance you were hired as an ADN, you'd still have to get your BSN eventually. Put in the time now and get that BSN; it will open more doors for you.
  4. by   Bubbly26
    Thank you so much for your response AssociateDegree! I didn't realize that Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital were Magnet hospitals. I'm new to the area so this information is really helping me out.

    I wanted to the get ADN first so I could have some experience as an RN before bridging to a BSN but since you stated it is difficult for ADN nursing grads here then I may need to rethink my strategy.
  5. by   TipToeLPN
    I'm surprised someone who works for Tri-C is telling someone not to go there. After I graduate from my LPN program I was interested in Tri-C for my lpn-rn, I guess I should rethink that.
  6. by   AssociateDegree
    Your situation and bubbly26's are entirely different. She was asking about the accelerated program, which is for people with bachelor's degrees who wish to become nurses. I am proud of Tri-C and proud of our graduates! But, if you become an RN, you too will need a BSN someday. The world of nursing is changing rapidly.
  7. by   Jwarnike
    The CSU accelerated program gives you a BSN after 15 months, NOT an ADN. I'm considering the program myself. I could potentially shave a year or two off my total school time by going that route
  8. by   sheirry
    The tri-c accelerated program is s 15 mos and you have an ADN. Cleveland State AND Ursuline's accelerated program is 18 mos and you have a BSN. I work at BOTH Cleveland clinic and UH and its true, your BSN will be mandatory soon. So take the extra three mos and do CSU or Ursulines program. You'll thank yourself later.