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sheirry has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU /MED SURG.

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  1. I’m Just now logging on to this after a few years. And man.... well 🗣 I MADE IT! All worked out. If you’re a student going through a similar situation you can message me.
  2. sheirry

    Mnemonics for Pediatric Vaccine schedule?

    I did what the previous user said as far as remembering 1/6/5/6 for birth, 2 mod, 4 mos, 6 mos and created DRIP.....HH Dtap Rotovirus (rv) Ipv Pcv13 HepB Hib DRIP.....HH one year olds get the same ones with MMR, VAR, and Flu added...
  3. Hello, I was a nursing student at a community college recently. While attending school I also worked at a major hospital. I burned some bridges and now moving on to a different school. A school that uses my former employer for clinical sites. I'm lo...
  4. sheirry

    Tri-C nursing 2300

    I'm starting to think students like you and I overstudy and overanalyze certain exams. I have classmates who don't take notes, don't have textbooks, and STILL passed her exam!! lol
  5. sheirry

    Tri-C nursing 2300

    some of the students didn't study at all and passed her first exam. i'm so confused. i bombed it and studied like crazy.
  6. sheirry

    Tri-C nursing 2300

    Anyone heard of/know of any tips and/or study techniques on how to pass psych (--------------------) class? I hear her exams are hard.
  7. There's a difference in study methods between the nursing programs.
  8. Good advice for nursing exams. But my initial question was about study methods. So, were you in the LPN or RN program?
  9. sheirry

    nursing students take stna test

    Yes, after you complete 1300/1450 semester you go to the nursing office and they give you some forms to fill out and the program manager signs off on the forms. Once signed, you need your transcripts from Tri-C and the $100 to fax/mail to HD master. ...
  10. sheirry

    nursing students take stna test

    Southwest is part of the hospital I work at now and they are not hiring PRN aides. I've checked.
  11. sheirry

    nursing students take stna test

    Thank you. Good luck to you as well. I know how you feel, I failed 1600 Tri-C. Took me a year to build my confidence up to go back. I'm moving on to my third semester now. You can do it.
  12. sheirry

    nursing students take stna test

    Toledo and Cleveland are different cities that operate differently. Yes, I've spoken to human resource at every major hospital here; CCF, UH, and Metro. Thank You
  13. Hi, I'm trying to figure out which home health care agency pays the most for their aides. I've called around to a few and their salaries are $10/hr or below for medicare patients (and I've been told that medicare pays the most.) Can you give som...
  14. sheirry

    working full time during nursing school?

    And what exactly were your study methods while in nursing school?
  15. sheirry

    nursing students take stna test

    oh boy oh boy how times have changed! I do currently work part time at UH and I left ccf after 4 years. Hospitals USE TO hire prn aides/nursing students/ NAII's now hospitals only want you PRN if you are in BSN program. Trust me, dear. I've exha...
  16. Thank you so much for you detailed answer. Quick question: were you in the lpn or rn program at LCC? I ask that because I know that study methods are quite different for those two. Also, as an update, I just completed my retake of the second seme...