Tri-C in Cleveland lost its NLN accreditation - what now?

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    I've worked my butt off for the last couple years and now have only 2 semesters left. Even though Tri-C has a 93% NCLEX pass rate, they lost their accreditation for purportedly not having enough instructors with MSN degrees although I believe all of my instructors have had a minimum of a MSN degree.

    I'm 51 and don't have time or money to start over. What are my options? Will I be able to transfer credits? What is the school's responsibility to students?
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    I have volumes of opinions on this but none that will help you.....Will the Ohio BON let you test from an unaccredited school? I would check that first.

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    According to the PD, "It still has approval from the Ohio Board of Nursing and its graduates can still gain their license by passing the state test, said Lisa Emrich, the nursing board's program manager."
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    Hi! I am in the program as well! I believe that they are going to pass this accreditation appeal. Think about it, we have a high NCLEX passing rate. They may make it to the point where all the BSN instructors, which is ONLY clinical instructors get their MSN! The only reason they had to go to BSN is because they are a growing school. What does anyone else think?
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    I agree with you. They STILL have their accreditation since they have appealed & I believe things will turn out for the better.
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    This is a very good question. I am/was interetsed in the nursing program for Spring 2014 but since they lost their accreditation maybe I should look elsewhere.
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    Tri-C is a very competitive and recognized nursing program.
    Tri-C is STILL accredited and students currently enrolled will be able to complete their nursing program.
    Tri-C initiated an appeal and are CONFIDENT they will be successful in the appeal process.
    You can still apply/enroll in the nursing program at Tri-C.
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    The article on the front page of The Plain Dealer on April 18, 2013 lacked clarification and "scared" alot of people regarding the nursing accredition at Tri-C. They will win the appeal and all will be good, if not better!
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    The main issue is finding enough Masters or higher prepared nurses that are willing and able to work for Tri-C part time as lab preceptors and clinical instructors.
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    I heard that other community colleges get around this by hiring these master's people as contract rather than part time. I'm guessing MSNs would rarely want to work as preceptors and instructors for the money they get at the community college level. And, frankly, I don't understand the NLN's position because the nurses with MSNs that I know haven't really practiced bedside in a long time.

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