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I was just curious how many people have been on their waitlist ... how long were you told it was versus how long it actually took. Also if there was any advice/problems to be given.... Read More

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    just re-read the post & saw your grades ... talk w. advisor about the accelerated ... you maybe able to bypass the waitlist completely once you take the PAX.
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    If your picking up shifts and able to pull in a ft check, I wouldn't worry about it. But, if you're not, if you cant keep up with the bills esp in DAYTON, in a cardboard box is where you'll be. The STNA license is about helping you get your foot in the door, help you make extra money, and get experience along the way, which you will need. If what you're doing is working for you and you're getting the results you want from the situation, then nothing needs to change; if you're not, then you have to make a choice about taking extra classes at Wright State to help you get your BSN or ride out the storm boo.
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    If you apply AAAA (Quad A) the start of the spring quarter, you may be accepted for the fall quarter, here is the info
    Good luck!
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    i recently called Sinclair CC and they told me the waiting list for both the radiology tech and nursing program is now three years!
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    Quote from tallandrew1982
    i recently called Sinclair CC and they told me the waiting list for both the radiology tech and nursing program is now three years!
    That's just ridiculous. How do more well-known schools such as Columbus State and Tri-C avoid having wait lists?

    I applied to Tri-C this month and was accepted for January 2011 and if I had applied to CSCC in December 2009 I would have started August 2010.
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    Well personally i was interested in Sinclair CC but after hearing that i just figured i would go to a more expensive trade school like Hondros with no wait list. It may cost more in the short term but in long term it made more sense to me.
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    I have been on the waiting list since July of 2009. I worked hard and applied for the AAAA and will be starting in the program this fall, over a year ahead of schedule. For the AAAA, you must complete your prerequisites and first quarter classes. You must take and pass on the FIRST try A&P I and II, microbiology, and English comp I. They say B's are acceptable, but I would get A's if I were you! And keep your GPA up! Good luck!!!
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    I waited on the list for 18 months, and completed the pre-reqs while I was waiting.