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I'm endorsing from MA to an OH RN license. Does anyone have any experience with the Ohio Board of Nursing/any idea how long this process usually takes? I was offered a job but can't start until my OH... Read More

  1. by   RNJJ
    The BON had all of my completed paperwork for MONTHS before officially issuing my license. My license was only issued because I called and spoke to someone who was able to pull up my file and see that everything was correct and completed, and it was then issued in 24 hours. The entire process was extremely aggravating.

    The way I was able to speak to someone was I called the general number (614-466-3947) and chose the last option which was to speak to a receptionist I believe? I don't 100% remember as this was about 9 months ago. If that is no longer an option I would just try all of the menu options to see if you can to speak to a real person that can transfer you! That was how my temporary license was issued (I was transferred internally to an actual person).

    Hope this helps!
  2. by   bubbletoes_24
    I was finally, kind of, able to speak to a person from BON this morning. I got the receptionist and she transferred me to someone who would be able to help....only to leave yet another voicemail
    I called 614-466-3947, pressed option #4 then #2 to speak to the receptionist. It got me further than anywhere else, and I plan on calling back until I can understand this application process. Hope you are able to get it figured out!!
  3. by   telebox
    UPDATE! I am an RN that will be endorsing to OH (hopefully). Thank you so much for the number! I just called the 614-466-3947 option 4 then 2 and got to speak to someone!!! She said that they aren't in to processing the Sept applications, and that the process takes 6-8 weeks. She did say that when they are reviewing it, it will say "incomplete" online, and then the complete. I would LOVE to hear people's real time experience of how long it actually took!
  4. by   amn14715
    Hello everyone. I am also in the same boat. I am trying to get Ohio RN licensure by endorsement from NY and originally submitted by application, CEs, background check and paperwork to NYS on August 24th, 2015 I am still waiting. On the Ohio BON website it shows everything is completed except for the education verification and license verification from NY and my application status is showing incomplete. I called NY BON and I was actually able to speak with a person right away, and she assured me the info had been submitted to Ohio BON on September 10th, 2015 and my check was cashed from then around the same time. I have been trying to get in touch with Ohio BON for over a month to find out what is going on both through email and phone call and am never able to speak with anyone or get a response to my emails. Today I found this thread and tried the options suggested and was able to leave another message for someone that will hopefully be able to help. It has been a very long and frustrating process, but hopefully will be coming to a resolution soon since I have been working on this for 2 months now. Wishing every else luck with this and I will also be following along to see how long it is taking, even for the temporary licenses to come through. I just want to be able to work
  5. by   Flybabe644
    Hi guys, I am in the process of applying for endorsement to Ohio as well, do I need to send in my official transcript with the packet and how do I check the status of my application? Any info would help!!
  6. by   amn14715
    Well I sent everything in for my Ohio license by endorsement on August 24, 2015. I called several times and emailed and wasn't able to get through to anyone or get responses. Then I called the number 614-466-3947 option 4 then 2 and actually got to speak with someone! She was able to transfer me to someone in the division, I left a voicemail and she called me back 2 days later. 3 days after speaking with her my license showed up as active on the website!!!! It was official October 30, 2015. Keep trying everyone, and call that number. I am sooo grateful for the person above that posted it. Good luck everyone!
  7. by   rero101
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm endorsing from CA, with an intended start date at a hospital in ohio in mid December. Thus, any information you all could offer would be greatly appreciated

    1) do transcripts have to be sent from our school to Ohio BON? Or is the info contained in the Verification of Licensure Form all they need?

    2) Does the background check/fingerprints have to be done in order to get temp license?

  8. by   julieface
    I have had my application complete for about a month, just now did the email thing to inquire and received a reply within 4 hours saying I had now been reviewed and could expect my licensure to go live on the site this week. Super excited to be an Ohio nurse! I have a job waiting for me at UH.
  9. by   jasminec1111
    What are the required Documentation for Education that I need to send if I am endorsing from a non-nursys state (California)?
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  10. by   jasminec1111
    How long does the endorsement process take from CA? I'm worried CA will take a long time to send the License Verification to OH.
  11. by   hamiam
    Who did you email? Thank you for any help!
  12. by   jasminec1111
    You may email licensure@nursing.ohio.gov -- they respond quickly on weekdays.

    Also, fyi, I emailed them asking what docs were needed for the education verification and they replied: "Form A is for license verification. California normally provides the education verification with the license verification. If all the information is not there when we receive the verification, we will then ask you to have a transcript sent to the Board directly from your school. "
  13. by   KJRN3113
    Does anyone know what is means when an OH license status says IN REVIEW? It has an APP # where the RN number is.