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  1. 0 Does any one know how long it takes once you passed your NCLEX it is posted on the Ohio Board of Nursing?
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    For all of my friends (I'm originally from Ohio) it took them a day or two.
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    Took mine yesterday morning it was up around 11:30ish today, so about 26 hours for me!
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    ER3465 did you do the pearson vue trick and it worked for you. I took my test at 8 am and i have tried the pearson vue trick, and according to it I passed. Did the trick work for you?
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    Yes I did! Hopefully yours will show up today (lol since its Wednesday already)!
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    Well it has been 24 hours now and still nothing on the board of nursing. I got the good pop up. Dont understand why my name hasnt showed up yet.
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    As I said mine took about 26 hours to go up. Also the BON website says it can take up to three days. I know its not easy but relax and be patient!
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    Thank you. Its so hard to be patient. I am afraid its not true, but I can't register for it again. It says on my status delivery successful. I just cant believe that i have actually passed.
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    This is what the good pop up sign says

    " records indicates you have recently registered for this test please contact Bon. An appointment can not be scheduled at this time. "
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    mine took about 30 hours I believe. we were able to find out before it was posted online though cant remeber what site we went through.
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    I took my RN boards last Friday. The pearson vue trick did not work for me until my quick results were ready, which was Monday night, between 11pm-12am. THEN I got the good pop up. I didn't believe it so I paid for the quick results and it said I passed. It didn't show up on the BON until Tuesday evening, between 5 and 6. However, when I took the LPN boards in Feb 2011, my license was posted on the BON 22 hours later. I don't know if it had to do with the time of year or not (Feb = less people taking the boards. Aug = more since June is the traditional graduating month for most colleges).