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  1. 0 When you take the ohio board nclex, do you recieve a packet, if you pass? Like in a brown envelope? or does that mean its the packet telling you what you need to practice on? Please help!!!!
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    If you fail NCLEX you receive something from the state giving a breakdown of each section on how you scored. Remember the NCLEX is a national exam and you can find more about it on the NCSBN website or the NCLEX forum in the student section
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    ok, so you dont get anything in the mail when you pass the nclex?
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    If you pass then you just get notification from your state plus if issued a license. Some state no longer issue a physical license but you can get license number online on their website
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    I'm from Ohio...didn't get licensed in Ohio because I already knew I was moving to Texas.

    HOWEVER, both of my roommates from college are Ohio (obviously) nurses, and they passed and received brown packets. I know it included their license. It also included other stuff, but I'm not sure what else. That was in 2010. Ohio is still issuing paper copies of licenses.
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    I recently passed in Ohio and I got a big brown envelope with a certificate with my license number and a piece of paper saying that I passed.
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    Verify your license online 2days after you test


    click on verify license/certificate
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    going online to the Ohio BON is the fastest way to find out if you passed - and its free. When you pass, you get an envelope with a thin piece of paper that looks fancy with your name and license number and the date you passed. that's all that i got.
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    Yes you get a brown packet with your paper "license" in it and a magazine or something lol. Fastest way is to check online or try to reschedule and it doesnt let u u passed
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    It has been a few weeks that since I took and passed my boards and I have not received my license yet. Everyone that has taken their NCLEX has gotten theirs most of them live outside of Columbus. I have called twice the second time the person told me 7 to 14 business days was the policy. I was told 7 to 10 days first...called on the 10 day after mail had run and was then told 7 to 14 business days was the policy. Still waiting. Person said that they would tell me what to do if it had come by this week. Why she could give me the heads up, IDK.
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    Most employers verify your license online, anyway....so you don't need the fancy photocopy I took mine at 8am and had my license number the following morning at 7:30. My paper license arrived 5 days later.

    It depends on the time of year you test, too. The more people testing, the slower processing can be.