LPN schools in Cleveland area/NE Ohio?

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    Hi all! I'm an STNA in NE Ohio looking into applying to LPN school in the Cleveland area. I'm looking at Central School of Practical Nursing, Marymount School of Practical Nursing, ATS Institute, and Tri-C (though Tri-C doesn't start til next Fall, and the others start in Spring or Summer). I'd appreciate any advice on these schools from anyone who attended or knows anything about any of these programs. Thanks!
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    I attended Central many, many years ago and found it to be a great school. I have a dear friend that is a clinical instructor at ATS and her opinion about the school is it's pretty good.

    I bet these schools would welcome you to visit and sit in on a class or two. You could mingle a bit with other students and get their opinions...

    Hope this is helpful...
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    There are 4 schools that I can think of between Akron and Wooster, one or two even has night and weekend classes. Cleveland state is the only one I can think of up North. Medina Joint Vocational offers it I think. Check with your Vocational Schools, many of them have adult classes and some has LPN programs. If you can't find vocatoinal schools, call your local high school for info. Best of Luck.
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    I know Willoughby Tech is an LPN school
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    I'm currently a student a Central right now. I'm set graduate in October. I think that i am getting a great education here. It is very hard work though, in our 1st semester, we had about 15 people fail out of 50! Even though it is hard, it's worth it. The instructors are great. I can even get a hold of them personally on the weekends if i have a question about anything! I would recommend this school to everyone!
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    I myself graduated from central in april 2006, class #147. This school is the only school I recommend to people. It is a small school and you get to know the instructors very well. Also it is hard, which is the way you want it that way you remember what you were taught! I will never forget my pharm. teacher ( I dont think anyone will) Amazing school. I wish they had an RN program too, I would of applied in a heartbeat. If you have any questions about the school just ask!!
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    Thanks all! This is great advice! I'm taking the NET this week at Central, and am really leaning towards them because their program starts in March (the soonest start date with no waiting list!) One question I had, how is the area that the school is in? Is it safe? I don't spend much time downtown, but I know there are good and bad parts of Cleveland. Also, any advice on how not to fail? How were clinicals? THANKS so much! I really appreciate input as this is my only source of first-hand opinions on the school!
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    Medina County Career Center itself doesn't offer it. The program is through Lorain County Career Center and if you are a Medina County resident, you can take classes at MCCC through LCCC. I am in the program and also live in Medina County. I am taking online classes this semester, because the weather has been so crappy here lately.
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    I just finished the Tri c program LPN, the only concern that I have with a lot of the smaller schools is if your credits will transfer to another school should you want to become an RN. If you go to tri c or anther community college, then you will have most of your pre reqs finished and you know they will transfer. Hope my 2 cents helped
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    Tri-C have a bridge?? If so,do they have a waiting list?? I attend ATS and want to jump right into an LPN to RN... I will be done in August,and have no interest working as an LPN... Have a great job for school as a paramedic reading telemetry and want to hold that job until I complete RN.....
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