LPN IV therapy question in ohio?

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    I'm in LPN school and i have to take my IV therapy cert. on weds. Well i keep getting different answers reguarding hanging IV antibiotics...so here's my question...

    Can an LPN in the state of ohio HANG/INITIATE the FIRST bag of antibiotic?

    Please don't say check with the BON, i have a print out i did read it, but one teacher says yes we can, another said no we can't initiate it, but we can maintain it; and the BON paper i have says that an lpn can initiate/maintain IV antibiotic additive...so now i'm really confused...any help would be much appreciated....i'm already stressed and this is just the end of the FIRST week of 2nd Quarter...lol



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    Quote from tashaLPN2006
    the BON paper i have says that an lpn can initiate/maintain IV antibiotic additive
    I wouldn't disobey your instructors in school, but once you get into LPN practice the BON is the authority and you already have their answer.
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    could you please show me the link to the BON's website that gives the specifics on I.V. Abx? At our hospital we are all confused as to what LPN's can/cannot hang. Of course blood, blood products, chemo are obviously out of the question. But one of our LPN's says she can hang I.V. potassium and I don't think she can. I went to the BON's website and looked at the scope of practice for LPN's and I thought the I.V. part was pretty vague. If you could let me know where you found that info. I would love to read it. Thanks so much.
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    I am a LPN with IV cert, currently going through RN School, we were taught not to hang initial IV antibiotics, we can maintain, the subsequent bag may be hung by LPN. I have checked the OBN website, Chapter 17, Page 2, it clearly states what an LPN may iniate. only six elements. Dextrose, NS, LR, Sodium Chloride (0.45,0.2), sterile water. Good luck with this, I know how confusing it can be.
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    lorieannlpn is correct.
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    Thanks everyone for your replies. I know now what can and cannot be hung by an LPN.
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    Re-check your sources. IV certed LPN's can hang all ATB solutions as long as it is in a peripheral line or midline. Can't do PICC lines because they are considered central lines. Can't touch a PICC line for anything other than dressing changes.
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    I have been an LPN for 34 yrs in the ER of a major hospital. Lpn's can hang antibiotics as long as they are in a peripheral vein. Believe me, it took a long time just to be able to get approval to start IV's. Thanks for this forum!
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    Thanks moodychick! I remember when I first started nursing in the early 90's all we could do was monitor an IV, regulate drip rate and that was about it. We have come a long way. With the increase of PICC lines now I bet that within 10 years we will probably be able to do those too.

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