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Hi Everyone. Just wondered if anyone else is on the loooong waiting list for LCCC. How long have you been there? Are all of your support classes done? When do you expect to get in? Myself,... Read More

  1. by   lcp6406
    So yesterday was my first day of Chem 162 and most of the class is nursing students, many like myself just trying to get BSN prereq's out of the way while we wait the horribly long wait to begin clinicals for the ADN program. Anyways, one girl was saying that she has renewed her application THREE times..aka has been waiting for three years. She said she met with a counselor who was totally honest with her and told her that she has not gotten in because the program is "a business, like anything else, and because she only takes one class at a time the college feels they will get more money from someone who takes several classes at one". I'm not sure why she has been taking one class at a time, but I am now freaking out because Chem 162 is the only course I am taking this semester. I am in my third year though and I have been a full time student every semester except for Fall 2011, where I took A&P 2 and Micro at the same time, which is when I finished up all of my prereq's for the program. Most people say they waited one more semester after they completed their prereq's and then got in. I am worried that the fact that I am only taking one class this semester will hurt my chances, but that is the last prereq I have for both my ADN and my BSN. Sorry LCCC but I'm not going to take classes I don't need just because your wait list is ridiculously long! Wanted somebody else's advice on this one because that just sounds messed up!
  2. by   jennylouwho
    Ack - wrote out a post and it disappeared. The gist of it - go see the nursing counselor, don't listen to the advisors. He will tell you when you'll have a shot. He was spot on for me, despite the advisors telling me different.

    And, I was full time the entire time I waited (2 years, finished core classes a year before starting) except for this last spring (I was due in February and was not going to be crazy, lol).

    Most people in my class (started in August) waited two years. Ones that I know now, spent a year on the waiting list (but they were completely done with core classes when they signed up).
  3. by   jennylouwho
    Oh, check out CSU - their applications are due soon for fall semester consideration.
  4. by   AssociateDegree
    No waiting list at Tri-C, including the Westshore campus. Admitting for Fall 2012.
  5. by   snickers21
    I second checking CSU. I opted not to go that route since it won't work out best for me, but I have heard wonderful things about the program.

    I have to say, Tri-C doesn't have much information available on transferring of classes on the web. Also, if you do not yet have the Chemistry classes, you can't apply for the nursing program. It is hard when each of the schools have different criteria for both application and degree!

    There were rumors that the list went way down and it has from what I have been told from multiple people in advising.
    I too finished my support classes in the fall. I would LOVE to make it in this fall, but from what I've been told that would take all of the stars being aligned. lol! However by the numbers, I should make it next Spring for sure. After this Spring I will only need 2 more classes towards the BSN coursework we have available to us.

    Good luck to you!
  6. by   AssociateDegree
    Tri-C has two different routes for students: one BIO and one CHEM. If you are interested in attending, you should contact the Nursing Office and ask to speak to a Program Manager. The website gives basic information for students, not for specific situations.
  7. by   snickers21
    Sorry I disagree. The website maybe gives *some* basic information, but not a lot. Most colleges give basic transfer guides to local colleges, of which Tr-C does not. Interesting that you state that the school has two routes, since their own website does not suggest that. The pre-reqs are Biochemistry or two chemistry classes. Is this what you are talking about?
    Welcome to Tri-C

    If you look at their website, it gives conflicting information within itself.

    From one section:
    Day section starting in Fall at the Metro and East campuses
    Day section starting in Spring at the West Shore, Metro, and East campuses
    Evening/Weekend section starting in the Fall at the Metro and East campuses
    Evening/Weekend section starting in the Spring at the East campus
    A day section at Parma Community Hospital onlyin a Spring semester. (Parma Hospital Employees Only)
    From another section on the SAME page:
    Spring 2012 Days (Metro campus) CLOSED
    Spring 2012 Days (Eastern campus) CLOSED
    Spring 2012 Evening/weekends (Eastern campus) CLOSED
    Spring 2012 Days (West Shore campus) CLOSED

    Fall 2012 Days (Metro campus) ADMITTING
    Fall 2012 Evening/Weekends (Metro campus) ADMITTING
    Fall 2012 Days (Eastern campus) ADMITTING
    Fall 2012 Evening/Weekends (Eastern campus) ADMITTING
    Fall 2012 Evening/Weekends (West Shore campus) ADMITTING
    The website specifically states that chemistry is needed to start, as well as taking a nurse entrance test. :shrug

    I'm not discouraging others from going to Tri-C, I just personally don't think I will be attending. I'm sure if I talked to a counselor, they could clear it up, but it seems their basic information is listed on the website. I don't meet that criteria, so why should I bother wasting my time or the time of the counselor? If the information is wrong on their website, then they are just turning away perspective students.
  8. by   wantccu
    Well, it's about that time... Letters for Fall are supposed to go out in Mid March. I'm stressing out - anyone else?
  9. by   jennylouwho
    We're in the process of moving and I came across my letter today, it's dated March 23, just an FYI.
  10. by   snickers21
    Me! I think I just want to KNOW at this point. I feel like my life is on hold. I keep seeing people I haven't seen in ages and they ask if I'm a nurse yet and I have to tell them, no, still waiting for a spot in clinicals...LOL!

    At this point if I have to wait until Spring, I have to wait until Spring. I will take the summer off and finish my BSN courses in the Fall and be ready to go in the Spring.

    I think we'll know a little closer to the date of the letter this year since they are emailing them instead of snail mail. So hopefully sometime in the next 2 weeks we will know! finally.... lol!
  11. by   wantccu
    Ooh - they're emailing them? To our school address? Fingers crossed Snickers - I hope we both make it in!
  12. by   jennylouwho
    I would say school email, official communications, like FA are now going to your school email address. Good luck everyone!

    I finished up my psych rotation and am continuing on in med-surg. Our hardest rumored test is upcoming, neuro, and I hope that I can nail it out of the park.
  13. by   snickers21
    Good luck Jenny!

    Good luck to you wantccu! Yes, they should come to our school email (which you can have set to auto forward to your daily email). No more stalking the poor mailman, I'll stalk my email instead! lol! At least that is what the adviser told me. She also said to make sure they have your current phone number and to make sure to answer if they call. Especially this summer.

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