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Hi Everyone. Just wondered if anyone else is on the loooong waiting list for LCCC. How long have you been there? Are all of your support classes done? When do you expect to get in? Myself,... Read More

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    LOL, my prior post about the length of the list, should have said list and not lust. Auto correct using my itouch, lol.

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    Quote from jennylouwho
    I'm doing okay! I wish I could say the same for all my classmates. Some have had trouble with nursing style questions. While you wait, you should check out a book on taking nursing exams. The questions usually have more than one correct answer, but you have to pick the best answer and if you're not used to that type of question, it can be difficult.

    Pretty much the defacto standard for most nursing programs. That first semester is when most folks drop/fail out.
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    True. But as long as they have to wait, it's worth the time to learn how to take these tests.
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    Good idea! I've been thinking about studying a NCLEX book
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    Quote from snickers21
    Good idea! I've been thinking about studying a NCLEX book

    Focus on the "Fundamentals" stuff.
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    OMG reading this forum has made me literally want to cry. (Just kidding, but kind of). I applied to the program in January 2011, was told by the advisor that I would likely not be accepted for the fall of 2011 but hopefully the spring for sure. So I have been banking on beginning clinicals this spring. Clearly, lots of others had the same idea. How depressing to hear that it might seriously be until the Spring of 2013!? I have begun to apply to other schools because I am already a junior and am almost finished with BSN prerequisites as well, and it is definitely time for me to start clinicals. The wait list is RIDICULOUS, they need to do something to make it go faster. More teachers or bigger class sizes or something. Has anybody reading this received their acceptance letter for Spring 2012 yet? I'm hoping there are lots of people who turn down the program because they were accepted into another program sooner. I am finishing A&P2 and Micro this semester and then I am completely done with prereqs....which was much more exciting before all of this bad news haha!
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    Letters went out for spring. You might get a call, so answer any calls that come through. When they have someone decline, they will call down the list until someone answers the phone and can come to campus.
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    I'm so sorry Hannah. Yes, there is a very long wait. Unfortunately if you haven't finished your support classes (micro & A&P2) yet, you aren't in the "pool" to even be eligible for a letter or call.

    There are quite a few of us in my micro class that this is our last support course too. I will be elated if I could get in next fall, but I'm not going to count on it.

    Have you looked into CSU? You have to apply by March 1st.

    Good luck!
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    Well, that's what they say, but you will always hear if someone in that isn't done with support classes. I'm not sure how it happens! There is someone in my class who still needs a and p 2. She said she was only on the wait list a year when she started LAST fall(she dropped bc of a hospitalization that forced her to miss too many labs and clinicals).
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    So yesterday was my first day of Chem 162 and most of the class is nursing students, many like myself just trying to get BSN prereq's out of the way while we wait the horribly long wait to begin clinicals for the ADN program. Anyways, one girl was saying that she has renewed her application THREE times..aka has been waiting for three years. She said she met with a counselor who was totally honest with her and told her that she has not gotten in because the program is "a business, like anything else, and because she only takes one class at a time the college feels they will get more money from someone who takes several classes at one". I'm not sure why she has been taking one class at a time, but I am now freaking out because Chem 162 is the only course I am taking this semester. I am in my third year though and I have been a full time student every semester except for Fall 2011, where I took A&P 2 and Micro at the same time, which is when I finished up all of my prereq's for the program. Most people say they waited one more semester after they completed their prereq's and then got in. I am worried that the fact that I am only taking one class this semester will hurt my chances, but that is the last prereq I have for both my ADN and my BSN. Sorry LCCC but I'm not going to take classes I don't need just because your wait list is ridiculously long! Wanted somebody else's advice on this one because that just sounds messed up!

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