LCCC - anyone attending?

  1. I'm working on my core classes now. I should finish this summer.

    Anyone want to weigh in on how long of a wait it was? Any advice? Anyone waiting like me?
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  3. by   Rams80
    I applied in September of 2008 and finished all prereqs in May of 2009 and got in for Spring of 2010. Hope that helps!
  4. by   jennylouwho
    It does, thanks so much!
  5. by   ohcomeon
    I am! I too applied Sept 2008, finished Micro summer 2009 took fall off and got into clinicals for spring 2010. So excited! What classes do you have left?
  6. by   jennylouwho
    I have Pscyh 251, A&PII, and Micro. I'm taking both stats and Eng 162 b/c I don't want to be caught off guard as to which one I need (applied before the changes and the adviser said either and it would be my choice, but I'm not taking any chances). I'm also going to take Med Term this semester because I was thinking about applying for a job at a hospital, but it seems like they all want Med Term, so I just want to have it in case I do decide to apply. I hear EMH gets a few spots reserved each semester too, which would be a nice perk.

    Anyways, thanks for both of your stories! It makes me hopeful! I got on the list in August 2009 and should finish after summer term, so it makes me very hopeful that I'll get in for next spring. It's what I'm hoping for, but people have been scaring me lately.
  7. by   ohcomeon
    The advisors scared me too! They basically said for me to not get my hopes up for getting in Spring semester. I took micro over the summer because I knew that they reviewed applications in September for the spring. If I had micro completed, I would at least be on the list of potentials for the program. Then they go by the date that you applied for the program. So it had been almost one year exactly since I had applied. I was really worried because if I didn't get in in the spring, I would have been sitting around for almost a year with nothing to do (except work at Target :spin I am very excited to start! I have heard the same about EMH too. They do have spots reserved in clinicals for their employees. My friend got a job there a few months ago working as a tech. She really likes it and I think it is awesome experience. I may look into it once this first semester is over. Good luck to you! Let me know if you have any more questions!

  8. by   jennylouwho
    That's my reasoning for taking Micro over the summer too - I at least want a shot at the spring semester!

    I hope that I get in for the spring, if I have to sit around for a year I'll have completed so many of the classes that I need for my Bachelor's that I think I'll apply for them as well! I'd really rather just go to LCCC though, since it's closer to home.

    Who is your instructor for Micro? I had an awesome instructor for A&P1 and have her again for A&P2 - I *love* her.
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  9. by   ohcomeon
    I had to take the class at night. My instrutor was really hard! I think a lot of people didn't make it. In the end, it all worked out ok though. They told us at our orientation that someone from the University Partnership would be coming over to talk to us and that we could enroll at the University of Akron(? I think) at the same time while completing our associates degree at lccc. Then we would be all ready to start working on our bsn if we wanted to, when we graduated. I am not sure if I will do that or not because I have a BS from OSU from about 10 years ago. A lot of the masters programs I looked at have a bridge if you have a bachelors from something else and an ADN. I don't know which would be quicker for me though. Anyways, hopefully you will get in next spring. Sounds like you have a good shot at it!
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  10. by   jennylouwho
    Oooh, interesting that we can enroll concurrently, that might be a pretty good option. I've been checking Akron, Kent and CSU and trying to figure out which classes to fill up my schedule with next fall (ack, I guess this fall now!). Maybe I should look more into Akron if you can do them concurrently.

    Thanks again.
  11. by   ohcomeon
    Yes I think that is what they meant. They just briefly mentioned it at our orientation. They said it would be no additional cost, but we would be enrolled as students at Akron at the same time. Again, I am pretty sure they said it was Akron, but I am sure you could call and find out. I was getting overwhelmed with all the information they were telling us so I could be wrong.
  12. by   jennylouwho
    Well, Akron does have the UP with LCCC for nursing, so I would think that would be it.

    I'm sure it was overwhelming! Good luck to you this semester.

    BTW - how old are your little ones? I have a 3.5 year old and a 15 month old.
  13. by   ohcomeon
    Good, so I must have been listening! I was just checking out their website to see what classes are needed for the BSN. I have twins who are four and a 6 year old. Keeps me busy!
  14. by   jennylouwho
    How'd your first week of classes go?