IS IT ME?????

  1. I have been out of school since Aug 2010, and I have yet to find a hospital job. I don't know what to do ?? I have filled out numerous applications, I have called every nurse recruiter, and HR department and still I am no closer to getting a job in a hospital. Since I can't find employment in a hospital, I am currently working in a LTAC setting trying to gain some experience. I truly believe it is not what you know, but who you know to get into any hospital. I am so ready to pick up and move because I am so frustrated with the way my job search has been going. Is there any other nurse who feels like me? What should I do to make myself look more appealing to the hospitals? I need help IMMEDIATELY!!!!!
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  3. by   birdie22
    it's the job market - not you. i know its hard not to become frustrated, but all it takes is that one application to get the job. i suggest revamping your resume. what you have doesnt seem to be getting you noticed - change it up a bit, different layout, different key words, etc. try listing your clinical info if you dont already and be specific about the units and the work you did in clinical. i think its helpful for the employer to understand what clinical experience you do have - however limited it is. good luck and dont give up!!
  4. by   ejacobs08
    where are you located? that may be a factor
  5. by   Dee_RN
    Thanks birdie22, It is just so aggravating to be turned down sooooooo often!!
  6. by   Dee_RN
    Quote from Ejacobs08
    where are you located? that may be a factor
    I live in Cleveland. And I am surrounded by nursing schools, that is probably the problem. Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs are producing nurses at a very high rate!
  7. by   illidan01
    I am having the SAME PROBLEM!!! I graduated June, 2010 with passing the NCLEX in July, 2010! It doesn't help I am a more 'mature" RN on a second career! I have put in over a hundred applications with a big fat ZERO! I even tried Critical Care Fellowship and could not get in because it was to "competitive". My GPA was fine and I have experience with PICCS, Vent/Trach..etc. I had to take a job as a new grad in Home Health Care - disaster! Nothing like learning all your critical skills on YOUR OWN in someone's home! The hours are endless with having to do post-op care and taking care of regular clients - ends up being a 21hr shift and more with no compensation. What is it about Columbus that you can't get a job?! Who do you have to contract to get a job? I have restructured my resume to bring out current skill level. I do understand your frustration. I have even heard of nurses taking a job at Cleveland Clinic and renting hotel rooms for a few days and then traveling back to Columbus!
  8. by   AgentBeast
    Get a BSN. Most hospitals in this area are Magnet hospitals and are only hiring BSN nurses for the most part.
  9. by   illidan01
    Quote from ScottE
    Get a BSN. Most hospitals in this area are Magnet hospitals and are only hiring BSN nurses for the most part.
    Thank You ScottE for the quick response! I do have my BSN. I had to take on another position in the hospital to stay connected in some fashion, but it is not a nursing position.
  10. by   AgentBeast
    Quote from illidan01
    Thank You ScottE for the quick response! I do have my BSN. I had to take on another position in the hospital to stay connected in some fashion, but it is not a nursing position.
    Ah I was referring to the OP. The Cleveland job market for Nurses isn't that bad from what I've seen. Although most of the openings are for experienced nurses with BSN's though.
  11. by   NicuGal
    Have to agree with Scott...the big 3 are Magnet and want BSNs. They have to maintain a certain percentage of BSN in the hospital to keep the Magnet status.
  12. by   niahri
    It's all of Ohio, and many other places around the country. Nursing schools are saturated. The applicant pools of nurses, especially new grads, is saturated. And, the part that sux the most is, you are really considered a 'new grad', until you have at least 6 months hospital or other acute setting experience. The Cincinnati area is turning out so many new nurses and one of the facilities I worked for has completely put a hiring freeze on new grads.

    An, just as an aside, IMO, magnet status is the biggest load of junk! It's all about the money. The ANCC (who grants magnet status) has percentages that they want maintained in order for a facility to qualify and re-qualify including a certain number of BSNs and a certain number of nurses who get certified (critical care cert, med/surg cert, etc.) and all of the certifications are through the ANCC!!! So, it's like saying "if you send 200 of your nurses to get certified through us at $230 per cert, we will give you a special piece of paper saying your a magnet organization". They are getting money for the magnet status application process and hospitals waste all the money on "Magnet Journeys", the nursing staffs at these places seem more unhappy compared to other places during this process, and most patients and their families have no clue what a magnet facility even is!

    Sorry for the rant, and I do wish you the best of luck in finding a job. And I know that this is easier said than done, but you may have to look outside of Ohio.
  13. by   lyela
    Ditto to everything above, the "Nursing Shortage" is a big lie promulgated by nursing school who release false or misleading studies on a future short fall in nurses. Anybody can predict something in the future and by the time the future comes, everybody forgets about the prediction that was wrong. Why? Well of course, they have a new study stating the same prediction. The result is, seats are filled and tuition is paid- professors get tenure.

    The abundance of nurses also plays in to the hands of the hospital who want to drive nurse's pay down. Five years ago, some nurses were getting $5,000 sign-on bonuses, now those same nurses are lucky to get job with an increased patient load. Gee, I bet your professors never mention that when they filled your head with mush about making a difference like Nurse Nightingale. Nor did they mention the long hours on end standing on your feet, working nights, weekends, holidays as a matter of routine-hoping that 50 year old nurse on day shift who has 20 years seniority will die, working with disease and associate putrid smells and all sort of body fluids, patients and their visitors who think you are a waitress at a pop stand and having to deal with death........................Why didn't I become a teacher, at least they get to retire after 30 years.

    I am sorry that I can't offer the OP any advice other than what has been already stated- even that will not guarantee a job. Hopefully, those in school that are thinking about nursing- take heed of these posts about no jobs at this state forum and others before you make a commitment to a vocation where there are more graduates than openings. We have been posting about this for three years and nursing schools are still pumping out more nurse with no end in sight and stagnant wages
  14. by   amandap213
    To those who are new grads looking for jobs, ever consider clinic or physician office position?