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Hi I have an opportunity for an interview as an new grad at Cleveland Clinic. I need some answers, how is the training and orientation there? I know Cleveland Clinic is #1 in the nation for medical advancement, but how about the... Read More

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    I was initially contacted on July 10th. I had one phone interview July 12th.i was called by a nurse recruiter from Hillcrest 2 weeks ago. I finally have an interview scheduled for next Tuesday. Most of my classmates already have jobs at Cleveland Clinic because they either worked there as a HUC or PCNA.

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    Hey llulaby, I am just not allowed to send any PM yet,. This was for the new grad RN position, and the interview questions were very general. Good luck.
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    Did any of you go the hiring event? I hadn't recieved any interviews after my inital phone interview. I went to the hiring even and I now have an interview with the PICU manager. I'm so excited. This is really my dream job. I hope the search is going well for all of you. Lullaby have you had any interviews in the Cleveland area? I also can't PM yet.
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    that's great hillarie!! how did the second interview go? i hope you got the job!!

    my temporary ohio license FINALLY just came through, so i now have a phone interview lined up for next week with the clinic. can you tell me how your phone interview was and what kinds of things they asked? it sounds like a lot of people have had an initial phone interview but then no follow up with a nurse manager which is what i'm worried about. hopefully all goes well though, it's such a dream of mine to work for the cleveland clinic!
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    congrats kayem on your second interview! how did it go?
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    I was offered a job but had it rescinded because I could not pass the physical capability assessment. I was cleared for light duty. I am older than most new grads (this is my second career change in life). The nurse recruiter and nurse manager are giving me 90 days to come back and reapply.
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    I'm sorry to hear that Kayemmejay. What did they have you do for the physical test? I was offered the PICU position. I so excited. I'm in pretty good shape, but I heard that the physical test is hard. Do what you can to get in good cardio shape. Start walking and doing weights. Even if it is light.
    As long as I pass they physical test I'm in. I can't wait to start. I also got a job at Menorah Park. I'm not sure if I should take it and just concentrate on the PICU.
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    How did your interview go lullaby?
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    There is nothing to scared of about the physical. You just sit on the chair and push n pull five times each side using ur arms and legs. 2 sets total. It shows how forcefully you can pull n push using isokinetic machine. Takes about 15 min( although the screen will say it will take about 40 min) Do the best to push n pull!! You can google or youtube to see the image. biodex / isokinetic dynamometer. They let u warm up befo you start. If you can normally lift and kick, you will be alright. Good luck
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    There is a math test, and a physical fitness test as well

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