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My husband and I are considering a move to Cleveland, Akron or somewhere in between. I am set to start pre-reqs here in Richmond, VA this fall. Once I am done with them I can be placed on the 24 month waiting list for the ADN... Read More

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    Hi, [COLOR=#003366]NavyVet[/COLOR]. I'm planning on applying for a nursing program in OH soon, but since I'm kind of new to that town, I really need information about the programs there.
    I'm considering to apply for Tri-C, but I've been hearing that their program is quite unorganized, and weeds out students a lot before the two-thirds of period of the program.
    So, I was wondering if anyone, including you, knows a program with stable and organized system.
    I believe university programs are more organized, compared to CC program, but I need to consider my budget also, so I'm planning to take the ADN route, then will transfer to BSN program.
    so, does anyone have any information about the nursing programs in OH?

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