Boehecker College(Cincy Area)

  1. [font=book antiqua]hello all
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    [font=book antiqua]i was just told about this college and wanted to share what i found out. boehecker is fairly new to the cincy area(about 8 months old i believe) but they do have other locations.
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    [font=book antiqua] i start lpn school in august and i was looking for an lpn to rn program that i could start immediately after finishing lpn school. well according to boehecker if you maintain a 2.7 gpa throughout lpn school you can go right into their rn program without waiting!! it takes 15 months to go through the lpn to rn program.
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    [font=book antiqua]i was pretty excited about that! they also have an lpn program there but the tuition is kinda high and i have already been accepted somewhere else. however if you are looking for an lpn program where you can go straight through to becoming an rn i would really recommend giving them a call. their lpn students move right along to their rn program with no wait. pretty neat!!!
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    [font=book antiqua]if your are anything like me you wanna be finished with school asap(i gotta a baby to feed) and be done with it.
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    [font=book antiqua]just thought i would share for those that are interested
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  3. by   SynRN
    I have a few friends who have been LPN's from other schools. They attend this school and love it. I also know a few ppl who are entering their LPN program in August. The plus to getting your LPN there is that they transfer a lot of the classes into the RN classes. If you get your LPN elsewhere you might need to take those classes over.
  4. by   blueeyedgirl0904
    Hi all, I'm enrolled in this schools first LPN class and it goes by quick. I would recomend it to anyone who wants to work. The tuition is a little high but that's what financial aid is for right!!
  5. by   MamaRN00
    are you going into the rn program as well???? are you in the evening lpn class??

    i hope to get in the rn program as soon as i finish my lpns. i'm sure it wont work that way but hey a girl can dream can't she

    Quote from firegirl0904
    hi all, i'm enrolled in this schools first lpn class and it goes by quick. i would recomend it to anyone who wants to work. the tuition is a little high but that's what financial aid is for right!!
  6. by   blueeyedgirl0904
    I was thinking about going on to there RN program but changed my mind. Not because the school is bad or anything but my son starts kindergarden this year and I want to go back online to get him off the bus and such. I go full time during the day right now so no night classes for me!! But I feel ya on the dreamin part I want my RN but this LPN stuff gets to ya after a while with out any breaks between semesters!!
  7. by   jennifer899
    Hello everyone,

    Can anyone give me information about Tri State Medical Acdmy. They have a LPN program now
  8. by   Qenuset
    They just started but I heard they have a good program. I would call and ask questions because I also heard their tuition is less than most places. I checked around and saw that Bohecker and Brown Mackie were both put on provisional approval from the board because of either their low NCLEX pass rate or something bad going on in their program. So just check things out.
  9. by   Heavenly4505
    Sorry to chime in a little late on this post, but... I checked out Tri State Med Academy's LPN program in Cincinnati. It looked like a good school, and I was really hyped up on attending UNTIL the lady told me that they have no financial aid to offer students. You have to pay for the entire program out of pocket, either up front or in monthly installments. From my understanding, there aren't even any loans you can get to finance the education. She didn't tell me this until I was ready to sign the enrollment agreement.

    If you don't mind paying for your whole program out of pocket (I THINK it was like $10,000 for all of it, plus you have to be CPR certified and STNA which are NOT included in the tuition), then this program is a good one. You can get in quick, no waiting lists, etc., and the cost is reasonable. There's just no way I can do it without some kind of aid, be it loans and/or grants. They are really nice, though, so you might give them a call and see if the aid status has changed. I am attending a different school and haven't contacted them any further.
  10. by   nvRgivNup
    Has anyone actually enrolled in Tri-State Medical Academy for the LPN program? If so, could you offer some input please?
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  11. by   Heavenly4505

    I do not believe that Tri-State Med Academy is in operation anymore. I remember reading an article in the newspaper a couple of months ago stating that they were closing down due to poor enrollment (I'm not sure if they closed permanently or just for the time being). They used to have a website, but it's been shut down. They blamed it on the economy, but when I checked them out last year, they did not offer ANY form of financial aid--no loans, grants, or anything. They told me they could set me up on a "payment plan," but that does not help me. I work as a STNA, and my husband is currently unemployed. We have two small children at home and could not afford to make any kind of monthly payment. I am sure their lack of financial aid funding probably played a huge role in their poor enrollment figures.

    I think you will like the Cincy State/Great Oaks program. Good luck.