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  1. MamaRN00

    i feel so guilty..should i have done more?

    VERY well said. I am in my last quarter of RN school and you made us "newbies" feel like we can become good nurses.
  2. MamaRN00

    New Grad in the ICU

    You will do GREAT! Don't let ANYONE make you feel like you can't be a good ICU nurse :redbeathe
  3. MamaRN00

    Traveling with a toddler

    hello all i have a few questions. i am currently an lpn but in school for rn(will be done in jan if god's will :spin:). i am very interested in travel nursing once i get a few years as an rn under my belt. my biggest concerns are not being able to come home to my baby(actually it's not a concern, just out of the question) but i want to travel with my baby. so here's what i want to know...... 1. are there agencies that can give me work just over a summer break where i can take my baby with me? i'm really big on keeping her in school as opposed to home schooling her. 2. travel nurses with children....do you all home school your children? i want to see different parts of the country and i want my baby right by my side. i'm willing to just work over the summer, when she's out of school and want to know if that would be possible? any help/advice would be appreciated. have a wonderful day!
  4. MamaRN00

    Traveling with kids? Husband and wife traveling?

    i had the same question as well about traveling with my 3 year old. i'm an lpn now but i will be finished with rn in jan of next year. i would like to get a few solid years under my belt before i think about traveling, but i'm just nervous because my baby will be 5 or 6 by then. i want to see other parts of the country, but i don't wanna bounce her all around either. it's a very difficult decision to make:spin:
  5. MamaRN00

    Where did you go to nursing school?

    I am going to Galen College Of Nursing in Cincinnati
  6. MamaRN00

    Boehecker College(Cincy Area)

    are you going into the rn program as well???? are you in the evening lpn class?? i hope to get in the rn program as soon as i finish my lpns. i'm sure it wont work that way but hey a girl can dream can't she:lol2:
  7. MamaRN00

    Boehecker College(Cincy Area)

    hello all i was just told about this college and wanted to share what i found out. boehecker is fairly new to the cincy area(about 8 months old i believe) but they do have other locations. i start lpn school in august and i was looking for an lpn to rn program that i could start immediately after finishing lpn school. well according to boehecker if you maintain a 2.7 gpa throughout lpn school you can go right into their rn program without waiting!! it takes 15 months to go through the lpn to rn program. i was pretty excited about that! they also have an lpn program there but the tuition is kinda high and i have already been accepted somewhere else. however if you are looking for an lpn program where you can go straight through to becoming an rn i would really recommend giving them a call. their lpn students move right along to their rn program with no wait. pretty neat!!! if your are anything like me you wanna be finished with school asap(i gotta a baby to feed) and be done with it. just thought i would share for those that are interested;)
  8. MamaRN00

    I finally got my NCLEX-PN result today...

    congrats!!!! i cannot wait until i start school in august.
  9. MamaRN00

    CNA Classes In Cincy???

    Thanks again!!! I sent you an email!! Let me know if you got it am still trying to figure out how to navigate on this board.
  10. MamaRN00

    CNA Classes In Cincy???

    Nope not yet. I start LPN school in July hopefully at The old Jewish Hospital(On Burnet Ave) through Great Oaks as well. So you already took the placement test and everythig?? I thought about going to Diamond Oaks and stating in April but Jewish Hosp is closer to my job although I live on the westside. I plan to work fulltime while going to school part time. You know if you start in April at Diamond Oaks the CNA class is built into the LPN program??? That's only at Diamond Oaks and not the other Oaks. I guess it doesn't matter now since you already have your CNAs. So was the placement test hard?? I haven't even taken mine yet:spin:
  11. MamaRN00

    CNA Classes In Cincy???

    Thank you SO much!!! So it's just called The Nurse Aid training center?? I will definitely have to check that out. You don't happen to have any contact info for the lady do??? If so can I get it from you??? If not then i'll seee if I can find her in one of those books. Thanks again;)
  12. MamaRN00

    CNA Classes In Cincy???

    does anyone know where i can take cna classes in cincinnati?? i know about cincinnati state but is there anywhere else i can go????