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Hello, I'm brand new to Occupational Health Nursing. I've been browsing for On-line resources and other OHN's to network with. It doesn't seem like there are very many OHN's that visit these boards.... Read More

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    Hello all,
    I work on-site in a manufacturing facility. My first position in occ health was in a large manufacturing facility-over 1100 employees, with two other nurses and a certified medical assistant. Now I am the only health care professional in a company with 500 employees.

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    Hello to WayneRN and fellow Occupational Health Nurses. I have been checking out this internet site for awhile and I'm glad to find an area dedicated to us. I have been in Occ. Health for 5+years. I work for a carbonless paper manufacturer. I'm the only nurse for approx 1500 employees. Last year I took the plunge and sat for the COHN. I PASSED!!!!. Thankfully our injury rate is low so my priorities are compliance issues (audiograms, PFTs, physicals, DOT, BBP, Ergonomics, wellness, occupational case management).
    Just thought I'd say HI.
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    That sounds like an interesting place to work. I"m in a hospital, so it's definitely apples and oranges! When I lived in Maine, I was in the Occupational Health Dept. of a hospital, but we didn't service the hospital, but the industries in the area, which were primarily construction, sawmills, and lumber companies. It's amazing the areas we can touch in Occ. Health Nursing.
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    Hello to All,

    It's good to see some new input on the board. MassLPN, you are so right about the areas that we touch in Occ Health Nursing.

    Congratz to J.Freeman on passing the COHN! How many others are certified? I am not, yet. I haven't been in OHN long enough to qualify.

    susanrn, I only have about 430 employees. PTL our injury rate is quite low as well. Case management of personal sick leave, and ongoing Tx for the few injuries that we do have, keep me pretty busy. Loss Control handles some of the compliance issues.

    I actually work for a local Occ Med clinic who has a contract to provide Occ Med services and supply a nurse for the on-site clinic.

    It was a pleasure meeting y'all
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    I'm not certified, and actually know nothing about what's required for certification, but would be interested in learning more about the details of doing so.
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    You can get information on cerification at, or you can also find great resources regarding certification at
    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks Wayne.. I checked the first site, and got the answer I needed.. I'm an LPN, so I don't qualify right of the bat, lol.. Just what I figured.
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    Even though I am not currently an Occ Health Nurse I will be an Occ Health NP in 3 years. I was recently accepted into UCSF's Master's Entry Program to Nursing and can't wait to start. Tell me what is your favorite part about being an Occ Health nurse/nurse manager/NP and how easy would you say is it to find employment in this area of nursing? When I graduate from school I will be joint certified as an Adult/Occ and Environmental NP?
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    I work in occ health in a shipyard quite difficult at times. Sole nurse there with a lot of health issue not helped by the fact scottish shipworkers are a bread of their own
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    sorry meant breed not bread

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