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Sorry if this topic has been done to death. I've been working since June in OB, focusing mainly on L&D. I have two children of my own, the first one was a fast and uneventful hospital birth, the... Read More

  1. by   wetdiaperengineer
    Quote from moondancer
    :angryfire OK, now this makes me mad! I'll bet he was new, uninformed or ....whatever! I got to the hospital w/my 3rd at 8cm, delivered exactly 10min later, and the running joke was...."why did you bother to come in at all"...:chuckle Of course, I was at the hopsital I worked at, but the point being...women have the right to decide!
    Yer right. Too bad we couldn't put his right testicle in a vice at home and ask him if he wanted to wait until we got to the hospital to take it out...oh wait, HE didn't want to give her a decision.
  2. by   mitchsmom

    I am supportive of HB but I would personally probably go to a hospital if I got pregnant again. I would also consider or maybe prefer a birth center that is right by the hospital.

    My home is like 15 miles from the hospital & I am just too paranoid to do it myself. We also don't have any midwives within like 1.5 hours. With my last birth, I just stayed home a long time, was lucky enough to have an OB who is my personal friend and let me do what I wanted to at the hospital, and I only stayed 24 hours for all three of my births. I also had the same nurse that I had with #2 & loved.

    I have several friends who have had homebirths and I'm all for it for them!