worried, deeply appreciate help

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    my niece is 15-16 weeks pregnant. She woke up two weeks ago with her undies saturated, bled enough to turn water in toilet red. Bright red blood, the bleeding stopped. Last week again started bleeding, sounds like old blood. they did an ultra sound, baby was very active with strong heart beat. The could "see on the ultrasound a pooled area of blood. She has been passing old blood since. This morning it sounds as if she has passed a clot."I could feel some thing pass, but it fell apart when it hit the water, mixed old and new blood.
    Questions: What can cause such a bleed.
    Is the the clot that passed this a.m. possibly irritating the cervix or some thing that produced a little new blood.
    Does alot of women experiece bleeding without missed AB
    I relize there is nothing that can be done so early in the preg to stop missed AB. If it happens it will happen. Just confused and very worried. She is sooo happy so be having a child. If anyone can enlighten me on the subject I would so deeply appreciate it.

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    Could be placenta previa but I think they would have picked that up on the ultrasound. I had two miscarriages and that is how mine started. Gosh I hope she will be okay. OB is not my forte. I only know from my experience. Maybe heather will come along and help you more. Is she on bedrest?

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    Maybe she miscarried a twin. I had a friend do that years ago, but I'm not sure what the sono looked like. In her case she carried the other fetus to term, no problems. I hope all goes well.
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    she is on bed rest today and will see her doctor tomorrow. Her doctor is one hour away. She lives in rual america. She went to the ER two weeks ago, sent home with orders of bed rest for two days. Last week when old blood started they saw her doctor and that's when they did the ultra sound . Today they said bed rest for today and we will see you in the morning. The waiting is such an emotional thing. My brother and his wife are worring themselves sick and every one is feeling so helpless. My niece is so sweet and such a level headed young lady. Nothing worse than seeing your children hurt, even when they are adults.
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    My daughter had a lot of bleeding at around the same point in her pregnancy...we figured out after the fact that she had 2-3 X her usual caffeine intake in the 1-2 days before it happened...I do recall that when they did the US they told us it could be a placental issue but that the couldn't see the attachment very well yet (at 20 weeks it was fine).
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    I'll keep your neice in my prayers. Oftentimes, it is not possible to determine the cause of bleeding in early pregnancy. Ultrasounds are reassuring, as far as visualizing a strong heartbeat and a healthy placenta, but the worries return again with the next episode of bleeding. Some lab work may be in order, particularly a series of beta-hcg levels. (In a healthy pregnancy, hcg levels rise sharply up to about the 16th week, then begin to level off. If her levels are falling significantly, that could signal an impending miscarriage.) It would also be prudent to determine her blood type and Rh factor. If she is Rh negative, she may need a shot of Rhogam.

    I had bleeding throughout the entire first trimester with my youngest daughter, and despite extensive testing, we were never able to determine the cause. She was a healthy 36 weeker at birth, so unsettling as the bleeding is, it does not necessarily mean that the pregnancy is doomed.

    Best wishes to all!
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    Please update us when you hear ok????
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    Todays ultrasound again showed a strong heart beat and an active baby. The said they though the placenta had "rubbed the lineing and produced bleeding. Said they thought things looked good. Thanks for all of your responses. It helps.....when the going gets tough go to allnurses. right?
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    One of the nurses I work with woke up in a pool of blood when she was around 28 weeks. Turns out she had abrupted her placenta...but she actually had 2 placentas, and the baby was in the other one. Was on bedrest in hospital for awhile, went home, and went on to deliver a healthy baby.
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    My sis in law had bleeding with her son at about 18 - 22 weeks. finally figured out it was because she was taking 'Aleve'. Her OB had her stop taking that and she didn't bleed again. Check out what "harmless" OTC meds she might be taking.

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