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We just recently had a 14 year old on our unit. I'm sure for some of you that's not uncommon, and I was warned that in our hosptial especially, it's not uncommon (I think there might have been a 13... Read More

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    I don't think I've seen younger than 15, but tonight I saw a G8P2 who was 22. Aye aye aye

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    NINE?! Wow. That's just...amazing, wrong, twisted... a little child with a belly like that. It's a sad statement for several reasons: first of which, what in the heck are kids up to these days?! When I was nine we were just starting to exit the Barbie/My Little Pony scene...but then again I've seen this generations "dollies" Bratz, and Bratz Babiez (congrats, your Brat had a brat). Secondly, if nine year olds are getting pregnant, then they must be menstruating, so it begs the question, what's the average age now for menarche? What in the world are they pumping into our foods and our environment that is making little girls into women before they should even be done playing with toys?!
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    When I was in sixth grade, one of my classmates delivered her child. My school covered pre-k through 12th grade, so her and her child were attending the same school eventually.
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    Yeah when I was an LPN and worked in peds, in an inner city clinic I had a mom who was 16 bring her 12 month old in for his check up...grandma came too, with her newborn for the newborn's check up. Wow. Wowie wow wow wow.

    What saddens me is that the younger moms, the single moms, the moms in poverty are the ones who look the oldest, and the most weary and are actually the lower maintenance of my patients. The ones who actually are somewhat more grateful than the suburban mothers who fancy themselves "empowered" and demand this and that, and hate everyone wearing scrubs because it's OUR fault she had to have a stat section and we didn't follow she and her husband's 4 paged detailed birth plan. But that's a different tirade entirely. One seasoned nurse merely smiled and said to me "welcome to (my hospital) birth understand are now one of us!"
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    One of my patients' mother is a HS Phys Ed health teacher...the sexual development talks now have to be taught in 3rd and 4th grade as menarche onset has now been reduced to 8 and 9 years old as compared to 12/13 years old from 20 years ago. Many have speculated as to why the change..
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    The youngest patient I've taken care of was a few days past her 14th birthday...but we had a twelve-year old on the unit a few months ago who had been raped by her father. It was heartbreaking.

    I feel like we get an influx of 14- to 17-year olds during the month of sort of makes me want to go to all the schools in our area and hand out condoms at their homecoming dances.
  7. 0 was sad!
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    I took care of a 15 yo. It was her second child. Her sister had been in several months earlier. She was 14.

    Mom's reaction? She was thrilled to have to a couple of grandbabies to fuss over. When she'd had the older girl fifteen years earlier, she wasn't ready to be a mom. But now she was physically and mentally and emotional ready to function as a parent.

    I often see families where parenting skips a generation. Grandma takes care of her daughter's child. Someday, that teen (now in her early thirties) will step in and care for her daughter's child. And so it goes.

    Not the best plan, but at least someone is taking care of the babies. Far worse are the girls who are on their own or who are dependent on people who don't really care about them or their children. Those are the ones I fear for.
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    I work in NICU and once took care of a preemie whose mother was 14 and had an 8 month old already. Her mother was pregnant as well.
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    I had my son at 16 and I am now IN nursing school. Not all teen mothers are trashy, lazy, and immature (although the spongebob thing is hilarious!). At 14 I had the maturity of some 30 year olds (I'm somewhat of an "old soul"). Lets face it almost ALL teenagers have sex. Actually I was one of the last girls that I knew to lose their virginity (at 16, yes I am aware that that is horrible but he is a sweetie and I knew that and... hey... I married him soon after and were still going strong!) I remember that most of my nurses were snobby and judgemental while I was in the hospital and OH LORD the lactation nurse... (she obviously thought she should be over the "Who gets to have babies and who doesn't" town council!) There was however this one nurse who was SUPER nice and understanding of my situation. She asked questions and was oober non-judgemental and she is honestly what inspired me to become a nurse! My experience with my teenage pregnancy not only gave me my beautiful, healthy and perfectly fine (thank you very much) son, it made me want to go into a field where I can be that inspiration to other girls! I always knew I wanted to be a mother (maybe not THAT soon) and nonetheless God put my little Noah bear in my life for a reason. I'm a strong mother and better at it than some "accepted" mothers!

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