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I am a pre-nursing student with the long-time goal of becoming a midwife. Since I love homebirth and believe that it is ultimately best for many women/families, I would like to know if anyone knows where to find a list of states... Read More

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    Quote from queenanneslace
    There are few states where it is legally prohibited for CNMs to attend OOH birth. Nebraska comes to mind as one. Was it North Carolina where it just got real ugly for CNMs working OOH? This year? I think so.

    There are many other states where it is not prohibited by law, but the requirements for a written collaborative agreement with a physician or mandatory malpractice insurance equivalent to what an obstetrician must carry creates barriers to OOH CNM practice.

    Not legally prohibited. Just financially and/or collaboratively difficult.

    Of the CNM practices that were independent (either in hospital or OOH) - they usually had a collaborative relationship with an OB in private practice. And finding an OB in private practice is becoming rarer and rarer. Group practices of physicians don't want to sign on as collaborators for CNMs in private practice. It creates an difficult situation for CNMs.

    And it all gets confusing with the laws that do and don't apply to CPMs and DEMs because the public often does not understand the distinction between the different types of midwives.

    To obtain a license in my state, CNMs require a written collaborative agreement with a physician. CPMs do not.

    Whole-heartedly agree.
    You got it! It is illegal for a CNM to attend a homebirth here in Nebraska. It's not a very homebirth-friendly state.

    North Carolina did have some issues, I remember reading! And I think Alabama and Nebraska are the only two states in the country that CNMs are not legally able to attend homebirths...I could be wrong, though.

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    Pennsylvania allows CNMs to do home births.

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