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I am looking to see when the recovery from a vaginal delivery starts at other hospitals. Where I work we start it when the MD/midwife has completed all repairs, placenta is delivered and basically they are ready to walk out of... Read More

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    Elvish I'm with you, I would be totally shocked if all my patients came over tucked into bed and already showered LOL! No way, most of the time they are still partially numb, or at least a little shellshocked and we are expected to do all of their care, orientation, plus recovery (once we get them we recover them with vs and fudal checks q30 mins x 4 ad q 1hour x 2, then q 4 hrs x 24 hrs and the q shift unless there are problems), plus our other couplets (average for us is 5 most days) and do other work (vital signs, i's ad o's, pass meal trays, change linens, empty foleys on surgery patients, assist with circumcisions, etc.).

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    At my hospital we do 1 hr recovery for vag and 2 hr for c/s before transferring to M/B depending on complications. baby stays with mom for vag and for c/s baby goes to nursery for assessments, meds ect until mom is stable. MB does couplet care usually 3-4 depending. Before mom goes to M/B she has to be stable, and at least voided once. No requiremnent on showering though. We do teach skin-to-skin/breastfeeding within the 1st hr.

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