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Hello all, I am 43 y/o male and am currently a student in my third semester of my ASN program. We are in our OB/PEDS rotation which was something I was dreading but come to find out I love it. I really want to work in the... Read More

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    I consented to having two student nurses when I had my son in the delivery room, one was a male. And I loved him! The female student was really timid but the male just got right in there and helped the nurse change my bed, held my puke bucket when my husband was getting a bite to eat, and he did my straight cath lol. I appreciated that he was really calm and laid back because it put my own nerves at ease. Both my OB's were male so this was no different. I even told the dept manager when she came around to see how everything was how great he and my nurse were, I wouldnt have made it through without those two! It made no difference to me what sex they were just that they were great nurse/student nurse to me during the anxiety of my first delivery.

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    I am a male nurse who works in Labor and Delivery. I am the first male OB nurse at my hospital EVER. I work for the nations 2nd largest hospital system in New York. I very much enjoy it and for many other nurses, PAs and MDs I am the first male OB nurse they have ever encountered. Most of my collegues find it refreshing and in many ways trailblazing.
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    My labor nurse was one of the guys on our L/D unit and I loved it! I can't explain why but I just felt more comfortable with him than the gal nurse I had, maybe because he but my hubby at ease, I don't know. We now how 7 on staff and everyone loves them . Sure we get the occasion patient who due to culture doesn't want a guy and that's okay.
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    I'm in the same position. I live in Oklahoma and the patients seem more receptive to me being there than the staff. One team manager told another male student that he didn't have the right "parts" to work in L&D.
    On the flip side, two of my 3 patients so far had no problem with me starting Foley's or cervical checks. The other refused to let me enter her room, but it was due to culture.
    I find the work challenging, especially as a male, but incredibly rewarding. It seems like such an amazing job. I actually look forward to clinicals for once.
    There are two male L&D nurses in my state and they work at the same hospital. A teacher that I am close to has been very encouraging and suggested that I apply at the same hospital as the other two, as it is the largest for L&D and peds in the state. Hopefully I'll be number 3 soon. If no one will hire me, well, I look forward to leaving this state soon anyway. I left my old career to go back to nursing school, so I intend on following my dreams to the fullest.
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