Perineal Prep Solutions?

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    There was a similar post on this years ago, but after an exhaustive lit search, I'm coming to you guys. For the perineal prep immediately before SVD, what does your facility use? Betadine? Baby shampoo? Sterile water? Do you even do a prep? L&D nurses seem to agree that it's ridiculous, as the vagina is far from sterile, and any sort of scrub must be rendered null and void by delivery. So what do you use? And do you know why you use it?

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    The smallish community hospital where I used to work would open up a tub of 4x4s, pour a glob of Phisoderm onto it, pour prewarmed sterile water into the tub, and use the 4x4 and Phisoderm solution.

    Where I work now (large teaching hospital), we don't do anything. If there has been a lot of stooling while pushing, the provider might request a perineal wash first, and then we just use warm tap water and a squirt of betadine put in an emesis basin.
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    We use bath wipes in a white package that we keep in a warmer. I couldn't tell you why, that's just how it's been since I was orientated!
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    Nothing. If its a dirty down there just warm tap water and a bit of a wipe.
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    Yeah.. Just regular pericare... One physician likes to use baby shampoo as the head emerges.
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    My old workplace, and currently where I am at.... always betadine.
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    Betadine on 4x4s and sterile water. There is always the risk for impaired skin integrity through tearing/episiotomy so maybe they use it to wash off as much bacteria as they can and decrease infection risk? That is my guess. We use chlorhexadine scrub for people with betadine allergies
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    Also Betadine on 4x4s with sterile water.
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    We use Premade betadine wipes and warm sterile water if the physician on CNM wants to prep. About half of them do, and if you ask any of them if they want to prep, they will always say yes.
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    We don't prep

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