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So I am a new nurse.. just took and passed my boards and I got hired in Labor and Delivery. I wanted to know if anyone has any advice to avoid pit falls or common mistakes. Im nervous and... Read More

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    Jeanster, I had always wanted to work in L&D, even before starting nursing school. Then when I had my interviews for L&D it just didn't work, they didn't want me. I started in ICU and learned SO much, I am kinda glad I did. You could start Med/Surg and later cross-train in L&D!?
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    Quote from GivingLove
    I dont mean to sound immature or gross, but how does working in LD work when there is a woman that is stinky down there or has std's? Id love to bring a baby into the world but I dont know how id handle that stuff.
    A quick shower, if there is time...peri-care...STD/s you just deal with...
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    Hi Emily, I am a nurse with 2.5 years of experience on a tele floor and I have accepted a position in L&D. I also feel I got the job for several reasons like being bilingual, being involved and in school. I'll be transferring soon. Any suggestions for me?
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    Hello. Im also a recently new nurse to L&D. I too was a transfer from a telemetry floor. It was a hard the first 2 weeks. I felt so completely out of my comfort level. I worked on tele for 4 years and just then started to feel more confident in my work but when I transferred it was hard to let go of my autonomy and just take one day at a time. I had to put tele out of mind and focus 100% on learning OB. Once I finally succumb to bring a new student all over again it got easier. And now I've got to say Im enjoying my job that much more...I know I will always have my tele/medical knowledge which I know will be come in handy in the future with my OB patients. Don't know if this will help but I thought I would share:-)
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    Those who got hired in L&D right out of school, where did you get hired?
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    I'm a new grad and will be starting in L&D. I'm in Louisiana and will be working in a teaching hospital.
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    which hospital are you at? women's?
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    Thanks for posting this. Although, this wasn't meant for me but it was helpful. I just started in Jan 2013 and I feel like I went to nursing school for nothing. It is very nerve wrecking because like you said, you have patients lives to deal with. I want to do right by my patients.

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