Male obstetrical nurses

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    What is the ratio of female to male obstetrical nurses where you work?

    Similarly what is the ratio of female to male obstetricians where you work?

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    There are no male ob nurses where I work. There is one male OB in a practice with 4 female OBs. There is one or two male family practice physicians who still have privileges for delivery, and there are probably 10 or 12 female GPs with privileges. I haven't worked on that floor for several years, so I don't have exact numbers for you.
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    I've never seen a male nurse in any of my units. As far as OB's, I've been where they're were no females all the way to about 25% (including the midwives).
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    we do not have any male OB RNs on our unit. Pedi has 1.

    out of the three OB practices who deliver at our hospital, we only have 3 male OBs (a total of 10 female OBs between the three practices). The family practice who delivers has a few more more. And most of our residents are male.
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    Most of our OB docs are female, all our CNM are female. This year the residents, all 4 yrs. are female. Years ago we had a male nurse in L&D, I was on nites then, he worked day shift.
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    No male nurses in my labor & delivery department, same with postpartum. NICU has two male RNs. Interestingly, over 50% of OBs at my facility are male.
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    No male nurses or techs in L&D, PP, or NICU at my facility. All of our neonatologists are male. As for OBs, about 50% are male.
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    No male RNs in L&D, Postpartum, or Well Baby, but a couple of male RNs in NICU. Over 50% of the delivering physicians are male.
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    No male RNs, only 1 female OB :/

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    No male RNs in Labor and Delivery, Postpartum, or the NICU where I work. About 50% of our OBs are male. We also have several male pediatric PAs who attend sections and any vag. delivery where there are/may be complications. The majority of our residents are females.

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