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    just accepted a new rn/internship offer in the newborn nursery today!! i am excited and nervous!! i will mainly be working in nursery and then eventually cross-train on postpartum. i am very grateful for this opportunity! can anyone offer any advice, suggestions or any helpful information about this specialty as i prepare for my new job? any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

    best of luck to those still searching for that new gn/rn position! i got mine 5 months after passing my rn-exam, your turn will come too!

    thank you for any help you can provide!

    happy holidays!
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    I don't have any advice, but just want to give a big WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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    Hello. Congratulations on your new position! One of my jobs was working in a newborn nursery and I enjoyed it. You asked about "helpful information" regarding newborn nursery and post-partum care. One good start would be to ask your nursing supervisor for an opportunity to carefully read the policies and proceedures book which is probably on your unit. Medical facilities usually each have their "own approved way" of doing patient care. You could also ask your nursing supervisor to suggest neonatal nursing care books which he or she has found helpful for your facility. Another tip is to "stay on your toes" and constantly monitor your little newborn patients because they can suddenly have health changes and "go south"! Best wishes!
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    Moved to Ob/Gyn nursing
    1) Ask questions about any and everything. Ask your fellow nurses, ask the pediatricians to show you what they do and why, ask everyone you see. Don't be afraid to. I have learned some of my most valuable pieces of wisdom from doing that.
    2) Know where to find policies/procedures for your nursery and read them whenever you get a chance.
    3) Read up on normal newborn assessment - a peds or OB textbook should be a good place to start. Once you know inside and out what is normal or a normal variant, you will be a lot better at figuring out when something is amiss.
    4) You will be doing lots of education on feeding - breast or bottle. So be prepared to help new parents with this. If not now, you'll be doing a lot of it on postpartum, so go ahead and educate yourself on it.
    5) This goes for any kind of nursing. If there's a situation I didn't handle as well as I should have, or a clinical situation where I missed something that would've helped me, ask your colleagues for advice on what to do/not do next time. "How could I have handled that better?" "If a similar situation arises in the future, what would you like me to do differently?" "What else can I assess next time that will help me make a good catch?" This takes some pride-swallowing but you will learn a lot by doing it. The people around you will appreciate your willingness to take good advice. (Of course, if it's bad advice, chuck it.)

    Nursery is one of the favorite parts of my job...I hope you like it too. Good luck!
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    Congrats on the job!!!
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    Congratulations on your new job! I too am a nurse in the newborn nursery/post partum. At my hospital, we are trained simultaneously... Advice I can give you, is to definitely study up on lab values and just general newborn care and assessments.. Ask as many questions as possible.. Don't be afraid to ask the things that you may think are silly! Good luck to you!
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    thank you so much everyone! i am so ready and so thrilled to start this new adventure!

    thank you for all of the advice and support!

    jadu1106, rn

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