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Infant Hearing Screening Tech

  1. 0 I am a senior nursing student and have applied for a Infant Hearing Screener Tech at a hospital in Chicago, IL. I think this is a pretty new possition in hospitals because the RN's ussually do the hearing test. Do you know of any hospitals that have made a specific possition for this, and if so, do you know what the going rate of pay is? I'm really excited for this opportunity. I think it will be great experience for a future Ob-Gyn Nurse!
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    I can't imagine this postion. Wow. I would be interested to see if anyone has hired into this kind of position.
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    Quote from babyktchr
    I can't imagine this postion. Wow. I would be interested to see if anyone has hired into this kind of position.
    in the uk we have these tech on postnatal wards
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    No, at our hospital the pcts do them. I can't imagine having a position for this either...
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    We have techs doing our hearing screens. We have 350-400 deliveries a month, so it's a big help having them. I don't know what the pay is, though.
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    It would make sense for a high volume hospital to have a tech to do the screens. It would definitely be a big help in that arena. We have all of our techs trained to do them but that is not their primary job. Very interesting~~!!!!!
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    The local Public Health Department hires RNs (with Bachelor's degrees as a minimum educational requirement) to go to the various hospitals with Mother-Baby Units in the region to perform the hearing screening. The pay rate is less than what unionized RNs in hospitals earn. The hours are part time. You are expected to have your own vehicle for travelling to the 4 sites across the city on a daily basis.

    Parents also have the option to make an appointment to have baby's hearing screening done at the Public Health office.
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    I'm a CNA and used to work on a Med/Surg unit that also had postpartum overflow. There was a tech that did the hearing screenings. Not sure what her pay was. I'd assume that it was what the other techs made.
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    Our OBT's are in charge of our inpatient and repeat hearing screens. Not their primary job, but a duty they are responsible for.