How to become an OB-GYN nurse? How to become an OB-GYN nurse? | allnurses

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How to become an OB-GYN nurse?

  1. 0 Sorry to ask this question but I really wanna know the exact path of how can I become OB-GYN nurse.
    I have done some research about it but would like to know more.
    I m in ADN program and would like to know after I become a RN, would I have to go to OB-GYN speciality in BSN program? How long does it take to become an OB-GYN after I become a RN?


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    My very 1st job was OB Post partum on the DAY SHIFT (no kidding)! The only thing they required of me was that I had graduated. I worked as a GN (graduate nurse.....I know I'm dating myself here) until I passed boards. That's about it.

    Do be aware, though, that (at least in my experience) OB has a relatively low turnover rate. That's probably the hardest thing, finding a unit with an opening. Also, a lot of hospitals take an in-house transfer before a new hire.

    Good luck, though. OB, L&D, Newborn, NICU are the best (my opinion) places to work in a hospital.
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    No, you don't have to have your BSN to specialize in OB. Once you pass your NCLEX exam, some hospitals may hire you with no experience. None around where I live though (you need at least a year of med/surg experience before they even consider hiring you). You will learn OB in nursing school. HTH! Good luck!
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    I got hired right into OB-GYN once I graduated and it wasnt even something I was looking for it sort of fell into my lap! So it can happen. I must say I really enjoy the GYN not so much to OB, I love family planning!
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    I also was hired right into OB after grad w/ an AS in nursing. I am 6 months in and am now working in labor and delivery.

    Good luck!
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    Our floor hires new grads into postpartum & nursery. L/D requires a year of experience; one girl I worked with just did her 1 year of experience in mother/baby and then transferred to L/D. It can be done. Good luck to you.
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    Most places around where I live want at least 1 year of experience first before L&D but that can be PP or well baby nursery or M/S or in my case ER. No one here cares if you are an ADN, BSN or diploma nurse as long as you've passed the almighty NCLEX.

    We've hired a few new grads into our unit but our manager has recently stopped that because they were really struggling. We are a small unit and sometimes there wasn't the support they needed. Our last one was hired 9 months ago and we won't be hiring anymore.

    My training is all OTJ and the major certification I had to have prior to attending deliveries (as baby nurse) was NRP. Pretty much everything else comes with the job. I will have to do a fetal monitoring class eventually but not until I get some L&D experience.