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    I just got a Job in L&D...doesnt start until next year...But i would like about 2 good books to read to help me understand OB better. As a new grad I only had 1 semster in OB so its only so much i know about the area so what are some books that have helped some of you throughout your careers in OB??

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    A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth by Murray Enkin. I also like Varney's Midwifery.
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    I learned from Hustler and Playboy...
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    Intrapartum Management Modules 4th Ed, Kennedy, Ruth & Martin. Great for new grads!
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    MIchelle L. Murray's " Labor and Delivery Nursing A guide to Evidence- Based Practice" is a very good book for new grad. It is my third year in L&D, I still look it up frequently when I have questions . It is very helpful.
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    Guidelines to Perinatal Care and anything on the AWHONN website
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    all of the above, especially if you need to learn more about physiology. For practical day to day inormation, I love the labor progress handbook for positioning, etc. we keep a copy on the unit now especially when we're just running out of ideas.
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